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Going to North Korea? Plan Your Funeral First, Say Feds

State Department issued new travel advisory on Jan. 10

(Newser) - Lest you think North Korea's plans to compete on a joint Olympic team with South Korea represent a softening, the State Department's harsh words will jolt you back to reality. Inverse reports that a new system of travel advisories launched Jan. 10, and Fox News noted the Level... More »

NAACP: Flying American May Be 'Unsafe' for Black People

Group issues national advisory for travelers

(Newser) - In a highly unusual move, the NAACP has issued a national advisory warning travelers, particularly African-Americans, that they may face "disrespectful, discriminatory, or unsafe conditions" on American Airlines flights. In what it labels examples of "possible racial bias," the advisory issued Tuesday describes a black man forced... More »

Bahamas Issues Travel Advisory Over US Police Shootings

'Exercise extreme interactions with the police'

(Newser) - In a reversal of how this kind of thing normally works, the Bahamas issued a travel advisory Friday to its citizens visiting the US, NBC News reports. According to BBC , the advisory was brought on by the deadly week in the US. Or as the Bahamas' Ministry of Foreign Affairs... More »

UK Warns Its LGBT Citizens About Trips to US

Advisory notes new anti-gay laws in NC, Miss.

(Newser) - The rest of the world is taking notice of recent laws passed in the US, specifically new anti-gay measures implemented in North Carolina and Mississippi . And in the UK, citizens are actually being warned to stay vigilant while traveling across the pond. Per the Independent , Britain's Foreign Office has... More »

US Warns Americans: Get Out of South Sudan

Violence heating up following failed coup

(Newser) - The State Department today issued a travel warning for South Sudan, recommending that all Americans "depart immediately," as violence rises in the wake of an attempted coup . That includes non-emergency US personnel, who have already been ordered to depart, forcing the US to suspend normal operations at its... More »

US to Citizens in Egypt: Leave

Flurry of countries look to get their nationals out

(Newser) - Americans in Egypt should leave the country ASAP, said the US Embassy in Cairo today, joining a flurry of nations to call for their citizens to flee as Egypt enters its sixth day of protests. The move comes, notes the AP, as Egyptians and foreigners alike clog Egypt's waning number... More »

Obama's Terror Alert Pure Politics: Pakistani Diplomat

European officials complain as well

(Newser) - A senior Pakistani diplomat launched a broadside at the Obama administration today, accusing it of issuing its European terror alert for political purposes. The vague warning of potential plots in Britain, France, and elsewhere was issued to justify escalating US drone and helicopter attacks in Pakistan, high commissioner Wajid Shamsul... More »

Europe Travel Alert: Just an Overreaction?

US warning not based on new info, officials say

(Newser) - European officials are not happy about the travel alert issued for the continent by the US yesterday. The new warning was not a result of any new intelligence, officials say, and they are "irritated" the US leaked warnings of possible shooting attacks before more intelligence could be gathered, the... More »

Now Japan Issues Travel Alert for Europe

Latest warning follows those by Britain, America

(Newser) - One day after the US State Department issued a travel alert to Americans in Europe, Japan has followed suit. Japanese citizens living or traveling in Europe have been warned of possible attacks by al-Qaeda or other terrorist groups. The Foreign Ministry asked citizens to use caution when visiting tourist sites... More »

US Issues Europe Alert

Urges Americans to be vigilant in crowded places

(Newser) - The State Department formally issued a travel alert to Americans living and traveling in Europe today, urging them to be vigilant, particularly in crowded places. The alert is a notch below a formal warning against foreign travel, reports the AP, but the feds are clearly taking seriously reports of a... More »

US Plans Travel Alert for Americans in Europe

It will ask them to be 'vigilant' because of terror threats

(Newser) - Threats about a terror attack in Europe are real enough that the State Department is expected to issue a "travel alert" tomorrow asking Americans to be wary about visiting tourist sites overseas. In the semantics of government-speak, it's expected to be a notch below a "warning"—... More »

Calderón Slams Arizona Law; Mexico Issues Travel Advisory

Immigration law creates adverse atmosphere for Mexicans

(Newser) - Arizona's tough new immigration law isn't winning friends across the border: Mexican president Felipe Calderón slammed the law in a speech last night, saying it "opens the door to intolerance, hate, discrimination and abuse in law enforcement." And Mexico issued a travel advisory, warning citizens it's no... More »

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