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Tiny Protests Explode as 200K Brazilians Rage

Anti-government protesters take to streets in 8 cities

(Newser) - What began as a protest over a small hike in bus fares has mushroomed into a massive protest movement sweeping Brazil. Up to 200,000 anti-government protesters marched in at least eight cities across the country yesterday, voicing their anger at corruption, high taxes, and poor public services, Reuters reports.... More »

Brazilian Teen's Ride: Pink, Sporty, Bulletproof

In Sao Paulo, armoring a car is as much about status as protection

(Newser) - Sao Paulo, Brazil, is known as the armored car capital of the world, and for good reason, the Wall Street Journal reports. Brazil's murder rate is 5 times the rate in the US, and the wealthy are historically at risk for kidnapping. Add to that a recent influx of wealth,... More »

Museum Tells Brazil's Story in 10,000 Voices

Oral history project offers unadulterated look at sprawling nation

(Newser) - Most historical museums focus on the rich and powerful, but in sprawling Sao Paulo, an uncommon museum tells the story of Brazil from the perspective of more than 10,000 ordinary citizens. The Museum of the Person gathers the stories of a barber, a coconut breaker, a convicted felon, and... More »

Booming Brazil Nabs A-List Ad Campaigns

From SJP to Richard Gere, American stars making pitches in Rio

(Newser) - If you want proof that the Brazilian economy is on fire, look no further than the TV ads. While Sarah Jessica Parker professes her love for a Sao Paulo mall, Richard Gere promotes hair care products in dubious Portuguese. What's made the influx of American stars possible, writes Bloomberg, is... More »

Brazil Thieves Nab 2 Picassos

Second time in weeks that Sao Paulo criminals have stolen Pablo's work

(Newser) - Picasso remains the artist of choice for the criminal elite of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Three armed robbers made off with two of his prints—The Painter and the Model and Minotaur, Drinker and Women—from a city museum today, Reuters reports. The robbery comes just weeks after thieves nabbed Picasso's ... More »

Thieves Nab a Picasso in Museum Heist

Work by Portinari also missing after quick strike in Brazil

(Newser) - Thieves broke into Latin America's foremost museum early yesterday and stole two paintings in a 3-minute heist. They made off with a Picasso portrait and a work by Brazilian painter Candido Portinari from Brazil's São Paulo Museum of Art, the AP reports. The thieves skipped several major works and... More »

Brazil Plane Slams Into Homes

Yet another disaster in Brazil's troubled aviation system

(Newser) - At least six people were killed yesterday when a private plane crashed into a residential district of Sao Paolo in the latest tragedy to rock Brazil's crisis-ridden air transport system. A 10-seater Lear Jet operated by an air taxi company had just taken off for Rio de Janeiro when it... More »

Brake Failure, Pilot Panic in Brazilian Jet

Frantic cockpit transcripts point to mechanical error in crash that killed 200

(Newser) - Panicked pilots of a doomed Brazilian plane are heard struggling to control the aircraft speeding down a rain-slicked runway in transcripts  of a cockpit tape released yesterday. "Slow down! Turn, turn, turn!" screams the co-pilot. "I can't," says the pilot. "Oh my God! Oh my... More »

Officials Demand Sao Paulo Airport Shutdown

Authorities blame airplane crash on poor runway conditions

(Newser) - In the wake of Tuesday's catastrophic plane crash, Brazilian officials are calling for the closure of Sao Paulo's Congonhas airport pending a review of safety conditions, the BBC reports. The Tam Airlines Airbus 320 landing in heavy rain skidded off a wet runway that was resurfaced last month and had... More »

Brazilians Gather To Hail New Saint

Pope Benedict visits Sao Paulo to canonize one of their own

(Newser) - Up to a million spectators will flock to Sao Paulo today to see Pope Benedict XVI canonize the first saint born in Brazil. Friar Galvao, a Franciscan monk who died in 1822, wrote Latin prayers on slips of rice paper that he rolled into "pills," which appeared to... More »

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