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Katie Sowers Has Broken an NFL Barrier

She's the 1st openly gay coach in NFL history

(Newser) - Katie Sowers—new San Francisco 49ers assistant coach and second woman ever to coach full-time in the NFL—is also the first openly gay coach—man or woman—in major American men's professional sports, Deadspin reports. Sowers discussed her sexuality for the first time publicly Tuesday on Outsports . "... More »

Woman's 'Lesbianism' Listed as Medical Problem

Health system has since clarified that's not an appropriate clinical diagnosis

(Newser) - After getting blood work done, Kristina Rodriguez was looking over her medical history record when she saw the word "lesbianism" listed under medical problems. The North Carolina woman showed the documents to WSOC , which has a picture. She says that after she complained, her doctor and a director of... More »

Anderson Cooper Shocked by Mom's Lesbian Romance

"What? Hello. This is news to me"

(Newser) - Gloria Vanderbilt managed to shock son Anderson Cooper during a recent People interview. "I, myself, when I went to [Miss Porter's School in] Farmington, [Connecticut] I went through a brief so-called lesbian relationship with a girl in school," Vanderbilt said, to which a visibly surprised Cooper responded,... More »

Duke Freshmen Refuse to Read Graphic Novel on Sexual Identity

Say Alison Bechdel's 'Fun Home' goes against personal, religious beliefs

(Newser) - Alison Bechdel's Fun Home , a "family tragicomic," is a graphic memoir about the cartoonist's relationship with her distant father growing up and her coming of age as she grappled with her sexual identity. But although the committee tasked with giving incoming freshmen at Duke University a... More »

Cate Blanchett: I've Had 'Many' Relationships With Women

But that's about all she'll say about that

(Newser) - In Carol, debuting at Cannes Sunday, Cate Blanchett plays a woman who gets romantically involved with another woman. In an extensive Variety interview about the film, asked whether this is Blanchett's "first turn as a lesbian," the actress replied, "On film—or in real life?" But... More »

SOTU Contained This Word for the First Time

'Transgender' gets its first mention—as do quite a few other words

(Newser) - Speaking before Congress last night, President Obama uttered quite a few words never before heard in a State of the Union address . Among the most significant was "transgender"—as in, "we … condemn the persecution of women, or religious minorities, or people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual,... More »

Minister Halts Lesbian's Funeral

He wouldn't allow images of her with partner to be shown

(Newser) - Mourners at a Colorado funeral had to pick up flowers, programs—and the casket—and move the whole service to a mortuary across the street because the church objected to a photo of Vanessa Collier proposing to her wife. Friends and family members of the 33-year-old lesbian say Pastor Ray... More »

TV Writer Divorces: OITNB Helped Me Realize I'm Gay

Lauren Morelli is now dating one of the show's female stars

(Newser) - It's a tale of divorce and romance that seems like only Hollywood could invent, and it kind of did: A female writer for the TV show Orange Is the New Black has split from her husband of two years because she says the show helped her realize she was... More »

Willa Cather's Lesbian 'Shame': Finally Put to Rest in Letters?

Debate about her 'sexual psychology' has raged for years

(Newser) - Willa Cather's letters are coming to print after decades of scholarly frustration and debate about her sexuality, the New York Times reports. But be warned: The Selected Letters of Willa Cather, which reveals her emotional attachment to women, is short on steamy details. Still, it reveals a complex, humorous,... More »

Ontario Elects 1st Gay Premier

Kathleen Wynne also province's first female leader

(Newser) - Canada's Liberal party of Ontario made history twice yesterday by choosing the province's first female leader and its first openly gay leader, the Ottawa Citizen reports. At the governing party's leadership convention, Kathleen Wynne beat Sandra Pupatello by 1,150 to 866 on the third ballot to... More »

Fort Bragg Spouse Group Allows First Lesbian

Officers' club changes laws after initial denial

(Newser) - Gays can now serve openly in the military, so it only follows that their husbands and wives can join military spouse groups, right? Right, although it took a formal review of the bylaws at Fort Bragg in North Carolina to make it so, reports BuzzFeed . The Association of Bragg Officers'... More »

Poll: 3.4% of US Adults Are Gay, Bisexual, Transgender

LGBT identification highest among younger, non-white, less educated

(Newser) - A new survey has found that 3.4% of US adults identify themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. The Gallup poll, believed to be the largest ever aimed at calculating the LGBT population, interviewed more than 121,000 people. The findings upend some stereotypes about the community. "If... More »

Cops: Lesbian Staged High-Profile Hate Crime

Former U of Nebraska basketball star charged with lying to police

(Newser) - A former University of Nebraska women's basketball star who claimed to be the victim of an anti-gay attack appears to have staged the attack herself out of a desire to spark social change, police say. Charlie Rogers, who told police last month that three men had entered her house,... More »

Marilyn Monroe Seduced Women: New Books

One lover was just 16, author claims

(Newser) - Was Marilyn Monroe a lesbian? Two new books allege that the iconic sex symbol had affairs with women:
  • Radar talks to Tony Jerris, author of Marilyn Monroe: My Little Secret. Jerris claims Monroe met Jane Lawrence when the girl was just 12 years old and Monroe was 26. They bonded
... More »

Debuting Today: LPAC, the Lesbian Super PAC

Jane Lynch, Billie Jean King, and Laura Ricketts all on board

(Newser) - Laura Ricketts attends a lot of political fundraisers targeting gay donors, and she's noticed something: There aren't a lot of lesbians in attendance. That's one of the reasons why Ricketts, whose family owns the Chicago Cubs, has signed on as one of the founding members of LPAC,... More »

Priest: I Had to Deny Lesbian Communion

Guarnizo defends self, outrages family with 'blatant falsehoods'

(Newser) - Father Marcel Guarnizo isn't taking his suspension sitting down. The embattled priest, who's been criticized for denying a lesbian communion at her mother's funeral, released a statement on CNS News today defending himself and blasting the archdiocese for suspending him. He says Barbara Johnson revealed her sexuality... More »

'Scully' Reveals Lesbian Relationships

Gillian Anderson never considered herself '100% gay,' though

(Newser) - Gillian Anderson, better known as Scully from the X Files, is settled down these days with a partner and three kids, but back in high school, "the relationships I was in … were freaking people out," she tells Out magazine. "I was in a relationship with a... More »

Church Suspends Priest Who Denied Lesbian Communion

But says punishment not connected to incident

(Newser) - The priest who barred a lesbian from taking communion at her mother's funeral has been suspended from ministry, his archdiocese said in a letter, according to MSNBC . A pastor who read the letter at masses this weekend says the serious punishment wasn't tied to the communion issue but... More »

Lesbian Denied Communion —at Mother's Funeral

Archdiocese of Washington says the public move went against 'policy'

(Newser) - These certainly weren't the gentle and consoling words Barbara Johnson expected to hear at her mother's funeral on Saturday: When attempting to take Communion at the service at St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Gaithersburg, Md., the priest "put his hand over the body of Christ and... More »

Evangelical Slams 'Gay' Star Wars Video Game

'Homosexual activists' threaten 'empire': Tony Perkins

(Newser) - In a galaxy not far enough away... an evangelical is criticizing the gay and lesbian relationships in a Star Wars video game, Raw Story reports. Tony Perkins, who leads the Family Research Council, wrote a post condemning Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic: "In a new Star Wars... More »

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