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Knight Capital Gets $400M Rescue Deal

Deal will let firm stay alive after $440M loss

(Newser) - Knight Capital desperately needed somebody in shining armor to come to its rescue after it lost $440 million in 45 minutes last week, and a lifeline has arrived—but at a very heavy cost to shareholders. A group of financial services and private equity firms has agreed to a $400... More »

Knight Capital on Brink After Millions of Accidental Trades

Talk of regulation heats up after brokerage debacle

(Newser) - Forty-five minutes. That's how long it took Knight Capital to lose $440 million on Wednesday when its new trading software went haywire, making millions of unintended trades, and leaving it at the brink of collapse. Now the company is fighting for its survival, and debate is heating up about... More »

SEC Now Thinks Mishmash System Sparked Mayhem

Exchange differences exacerbated plunge

(Newser) - As markets open today, the cause of last week's trading chaos remains unclear, but investigators believe mismatches in rules between the NYSE and newer electronic exchanges, combined with fast, complex computer trading systems, triggered the panic. The sudden drop of a futures contract on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange appears to... More »

Typo, Glitches, Panic Blamed for Stock Market Mayhem

'Fat finger trade' likely triggered trader panic

(Newser) - What's known in the business as a "fat finger" trade may have been responsible for yesterday's stock market chaos, analysts say. Multiple sources believe a trader at a major firm—possibly Citigroup—hit a "B" instead of an "M" while trading Procter & Gamble shares, selling a... More »

4 Stories