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Tokyo's Hottest DJ Is an 82-Year-Old Woman

DJ Sumirock spent a year training to be a DJ at a local music school

(Newser) - Age may be nothing but a number, but one octogenarian in Tokyo is still defying the odds with her energy. Sumiko Iwamuro has spent six decades making dumplings in the restaurant she and her brother inherited from their family, but when her husband died in her 70s she decided to... More »

Their Parents Made Them Split 65 Years Ago. Now, a Wedding

Love prevails for Helen Andre, 82, and Davy Moakes, 86

(Newser) - Think it's not possible to feel like a teenager again when you reach your 80s? It's entirely possible, according to an English couple told to break off their engagement 65 years ago—and who finally got to tie the knot. "Even after all this time, it still... More »

Woman, 83, Sues Apple After Walking Into Glass Door

Evelyn Paswall wants $1M

(Newser) - "Apple wants to be cool and modern" with its nifty glass front doors, says the indignant lawyer for an 83-year-old woman who was foiled by those very doors, "but they have to realize that the elderly generation are their customers, too." Evelyn Paswall, the octogenarian in question,... More »

Guy, 83, Busted for Prostitution

Victim says he wanted her to repay loan by letting him perform sex acts

(Newser) - The most recent entry in the Unlikely Crimes category: A City Council candidate from Centerville, Iowa—who just happens to be an 83-year-old man—was arrested and charged with prostitution. The 33-year-old victim accuses Ben Clifford Dawson of offering to let her repay a loan by allowing him to perform... More »

What Age Are We Happiest?

In our 80s, research shows

(Newser) - Wait a second before you buy that "over the hill" cake for your buddy's 40th birthday: Research shows that satisfaction and optimism actually increase after we reach middle age, and peak as late as our 80s. Why? Responsibilities ease, maturity increases, and we are often able to focus on... More »

Slate Presents '80 Over 80'

Influential octogenarians, from politicians to celebrities

(Newser) - Thirty under 30? Pshaw. Slate offers up its annual 80 Over 80, a list of politicians, industry leaders, and other icons who also happen to be really old, ranked in order of power and importance. The top five:
  1. Thomas S. Monson: The Mormon president, 83, acts as divine prophet for
... More »

8 Hilarious Octogenarians

A list inspired by—who else?—Betty White

(Newser) - Eighty-eight-year-old Betty White is definitely feeling the love these days, but she’s not the only hilarious octogenarian out there. Nerve lists the eight funniest people over age 80. Among them:
  • Elaine Stritch, 84: Best known for her work on Broadway, Stritch has also guest-starred on 3rd Rock From the
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