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Yep, It's Rude to Use Your Phone at Dinner

Pew study identifies the latest trends in cellphone use

(Newser) - Most Americans—82% of us—say a friend's habit of burying his face in a cellphone has ruined a conversation. No surprise there, right? But even more Americans are guilty of the practice. A new Pew study of 3,217 adults finds 89% of people have used their phones... More »

How to Dine Like a Gentleman

For one thing, no dancing

(Newser) - Looking to impress your future in-laws at a fancy dinner out? Follow John Mariani’s 39 steps for how to dine out like a gentleman, from Esquire :
  • "A gentleman never has more than one cocktail before dinner."
  • "A gentleman never takes more than one minute to decide
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6 Ground Rules for Kids in Restaurants

Let's agree on 5 to 6pm, for starters

(Newser) - Jonathan Bender knows you're not thrilled he brings his young kid to restaurants, but he's not going to stop eating out, either. Therefore, he's come up with 6 ground rules— adapted from swimming rules—which he lays out at Fat City . Here's a sample:
  • 5 to 6 pm is open
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3 Stories