Whitey Bulger

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Bulger's Transfer Was a 'Death Sentence'

Prison staffers say the move was obviously fatal

(Newser) - Whitey Bulger's prison transfer was a "death sentence," say people working in that world—so why did the notorious Boston mobster get moved? NBC News reports that prison files stated Bulger was done with his medical treatment at Coleman prison complex in Florida, meaning he could be... More »

The Details of Whitey Bulger's Killing Are Hard to Read

Crime boss was apparently 'unrecognizable'

(Newser) - More gruesome details of Whitey Bulger's fatal prison beating are out: "They apparently tuned him up to the point where he was unrecognizable," one law enforcement official tells the New York Times . The Boston crime boss's eyes were "dislodged" from his head, though it wasn'... More »

Mafia Hit Man Suspected in Whitey Bulger's Prison Slaying

Fotios "Freddy" Geas thought to have been involved, former investigator says

(Newser) - A Mafia hit man is suspected to be behind the killing of James "Whitey" Bulger, who was found beaten to death in his prison cell Tuesday. Fotios "Freddy" Geas and at least one other inmate at the West Virginia prison to which Bulger had been transferred just hours... More »

Inmates Killed Bulger the Day After Prison Transfer: Report

Sources say he was beaten to death in cell

(Newser) - James "Whitey" Bulger was 89 years old and in poor health after multiple heart attacks—but he didn't die from natural causes. Sources tell the New York Times that the Boston mob boss, who was found dead in his cell early Tuesday, was beaten to death by at... More »

Mob Boss Whitey Bulger Found Dead in Prison

The 89-year-old had just been transferred to West Virginia facility

(Newser) - Boston mobster Whitey Bulger has been found dead in prison at age 89. How he died remains unclear, but both the Boston Herald and Boston's WBZ report that he "was killed" shortly after being transferred to a prison in West Virginia. The Boston Globe spoke with three sources... More »

Whitey Bulger's Belongings Go for $109K at Auction

The former mobster's rat-shaped pen holder was especially popular

(Newser) - Despite being derided as "trash" and a "glorified yard sale," the belongings of infamous mob kingpin James "Whitey" Bulger fetched more than $109,000 at auction Saturday, the Boston Globe reports. According to Bloomberg , the US Marshals Service was selling the items—seized during Bulger's... More »

Feds Play Hardball With Whitey Bulger's Girlfriend

She faces new charges for refusing to testify

(Newser) - Federal prosecutors have made it clear to the girlfriend of crime boss Whitey Bulger that she has a choice: Start talking, or rot in prison. Catherine Greig, the mobster's companion during his 16 years on the run, is already serving eight years for assisting him and she has now... More »

Has Depp Finally Returned to Form?

One critic says role as Whitey Bulger is 'one of his best'; another heartily disagrees

(Newser) - Yes, that's Johnny Depp in those eerie blue contacts and balding blonde wig. The actor transforms into gangster James "Whitey" Bulger in Black Mass , which follows the crimelord's remarkable rise in South Boston, with a strong supporting cast along for the ride. Here's what critics are... More »

Crime Boss Whitey Bulger Sends Letter to 3 Students

In which he calls his life 'wasted' and 'best forgotten'

(Newser) - When three Massachusetts high school students wrote to crime leader James "Whitey" Bulger in jail—where he's serving two life sentences (plus five years) for racketeering, money laundering, extortion, and murdering 11 people— they weren't sure if he'd write back. But he did, and the tone... More »

Whitey Bulger's FBI Pal Has Murder Verdict Tossed

Justices say that because he didn't pull the trigger, John Connolly couldn't be tried

(Newser) - Whitey Bulger's longtime FBI handler might be on the verge of freedom, after an appeals court threw out his murder conviction yesterday. In a 2-1 decision, the Miami judges ruled that because John Connolly Jr. hadn't actually pulled the trigger, he should never have been tried for the... More »

Whitey Bulger: An Innocent Man Is Behind Bars

Boston hit man urges 'real killer' to step forward

(Newser) - Notorious Boston hit man James "Whitey" Bulger has adopted an unlikely cause: exonerating a man in prison for murder, the Boston Globe reports. Fred Weichel, a South Boston man behind bars for 32 years, has long claimed he never committed murder in 1980. He even got a new trial... More »

Whitey Bulger Gets 2 Life Sentences

Also hit with millions in restitution, forfeiture

(Newser) - Whitey Bulger was today hit with two life sentences plus five years, plus millions in restitution, the Boston Globe reports. Bulger was found guilty of a slew of charges including murder, racketeering, money laundering, and extortion in August. Before sentencing Bulger, the judge called his crimes "heinous" and "... More »

Bulger Witness' Death Ruled a Murder

ME's office finds he died of cyanide poisoning, but police say it's not related to trial

(Newser) - The Massachusetts medical examiner's office has determined that cyanide poisoning killed Stephen Rakes , an alleged extortion victim of Boston gangster James "Whitey" Bulger who had hoped to testify at Bulger's trial, prosecutors announced today. The medical examiner's office concluded that Rakes, 59, died of acute cyanide... More »

Whitey Bulger Found Guilty of Racketeering

Bulger acquitted on some murders, convicted on others

(Newser) - James "Whitey" Bulger has been found guilty of a raft of racketeering charges that carry a maximum sentence of life in prison. The jury also found that the state had proven Bulger's guilt in 11 of the 19 murders he was accused of, along with several instances of... More »

Whitey Bulger Court Foe Was Poisoned

Business partner allegedly laced his McDonald's coffee

(Newser) - Remember that victim of Whitey Bulger who dropped dead suspiciously last month as the mob boss' trial was underway? Turns out, Stephen Rakes was murdered, say authorities in Boston. But, surprise, they don't think Bulger had anything to do with it. Instead, the local DA says a business partner... More »

Bulger Wants Cash Hidden in Walls Given to 2 Families

...of alleged victims

(Newser) - In a surprising and unusual move, Whitey Bulger said today that he'll give up the $822,000 in cash found in the walls of his apartment ... so long as it goes to the families of Michael Donahue and Brian Halloran , two of the people he's accused of murdering.... More »

Ex-Partner: This Is How Bulger Murdered His Stepdaughter...

Says Whitey Bulger strangled her, then buried body in basement

(Newser) - Testifying in court today, Whitey Bulger's alleged former partner-in-crime gave a graphic account of how he says Bulger murdered his longtime girlfriend's daughter. According to Stephen "The Rifleman" Flemmi, Deborah Hussey, who was 26 when she died in 1985, "had become a problem"—taking drugs,... More »

Key Witness in Whitey Bulger Trial Found Dead

Stephen Rakes was to say that Bulger threatened his daughter at gunpoint

(Newser) - A key witness in the trial of James "Whitey" Bulger has been found dead in Lincoln, Mass., ABC News reports. Stephen "Stippo" Rakes was supposed to testify that Bulger and associate Stephen Flemmi had threatened his daughter at gunpoint to force him to let them use his South... More »

Whitey Bulger Swears at Witness in Court

'F--- you,' yells Bulger after being called a 'rat'

(Newser) - Ah, now there's the Whitey Bulger his old acquaintances knew well. After remaining quiet for much of his trial , the former mob leader had this heated little exchange with old chum Kevin Weeks in court today, reports the Boston Globe :
  • Weeks: "We killed people who are rats, and
... More »

31 Years Later, Family of Bulger Victim Gets Apology

Ex-FBI agent acknowledges he may have had indirect role in slaying

(Newser) - Former FBI agent John Morris took the stand in Whitey Bulger's trial today, and emotionally apologized to the family of Michael Donahue, one of Bulger's alleged—and accidental—victims. The Boston Globe explains how Donahue ended up behind the wheel of a car that was riddled with bullets... More »

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