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Facebook Bans Another Gay Kiss Photo

This time it's a movie ad for the Greek film ' Attenberg '

(Newser) - Less than a month after Facebook apologized for removing a photo of two men kissing , the social networking site has axed another gay kiss photo. Facebook did not approve an ad for Greek film Attenberg, which shows two women touching tongues. In a statement on its Facebook page, TriArt Film... More »

Now Facebook Bans Gay Kiss

Photo removed from Facebook page for a gay-rights event

(Newser) - The gay kiss controversy out of London keeps getting odder. After two men were booted from a Soho pub for kissing , activists decided to respond with a "kiss in" at the same pub. But a photo of two men kissing used to promote the event was removed from the... More »

Facebook Looking for Way Into China: Report

Social networking site currently censored there, but in talk with partners

(Newser) - Facebook is in talks with would-be partners about ways it could gain access to the millions of Chinese people just dying to friend someone. The talks are in preliminary stages, and might not amount to anything, sources tell Bloomberg . Right now, Facebook is censored in China, as are Twitter, YouTube,... More »

How Egypt Turned Off the Internet

Other regimes might be able to do the same thing

(Newser) - Conventional wisdom holds that the Internet is too resilient and decentralized for a government to simply shut it down, but Egypt managed to do just that, and engineers are just starting to realize how. Cairo controls—and was able to close off—the handful of lines that connect Egypt to... More »

Facebook Moves to Stomp Lamebook

Outgoing links blocked; Facebook blames error

(Newser) - The Facebook/Lamebook feud appears to have stepped up a notch. Facebook has blocked outgoing links to the parody site, removed its fan page, and prevented Lamebook visitors from "liking" posts, TechCrunch reports. Lamebook filed a lawsuit against Facebook earlier this month seeking First Amendment protection, and Facebook filed a... More »

Facebook Blocking Pages With 'Palestinian' in Title

Zuck might want to fix automated censorship issue

(Newser) - For reasons still unknown, Facebook is blocking pages with the word “Palestinian” in the title. Rex Brynen discovered that when trying to create a page for the Palestinian Refugee ResearchNet , only to receive an error message indicating that the title violates Facebook’s “Pages Guidelines.” Brynen experimented... More »

Now Pakistan's Blocking YouTube

Crackdown adds site to growing list

(Newser) - Yesterday, Facebook ; today, YouTube: Pakistan has blocked access to the video-sharing site—along with 450 other links, including some Wikipedia pages—because of its “growing sacrilegious content.” The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority didn't refer to specific offensive material, but said it acted after the site failed to take down... More »

Facebook Accused of Censoring Criticism

Account disabled after dissing Zuckerberg

(Newser) - Facebook users are complaining that they're being punished on the site for criticizing the social network and founder Mark Zuckerberg. User Kurt von Lichtenstein says his account was disabled after he posted a critical comment—quoted in the box to the left—under a Zuckerberg blog post. He says he... More »

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