Olympic mascots

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Russians Cry Foul Over Vote for 2014 Olympic Mascot

Fans of psychedelic blue frog complain

(Newser) - The Russian people have spoken, and their mascots for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi will be: a snow leopard, a polar bear, and a hare. More than a million people cast their votes during a live program on Russia's top broadcaster. Rejected mascots included a dolphin, a robin and... More »

London Unveils Weird, One-Eyed Olympic Mascots

World blinks as Wenlock, Mandeville debut

(Newser) - The mascots for London's 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games met the public for the first time yesterday and they're more science fiction than cute and cuddly. Wenlock and Mandeville—named after two small English towns—each have a single eye and the light from a London taxi mounted on their... More »

2 Stories