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Paladino's Rage: It's Becoming a Problem

His anger may be hurting, not helping, his candidacy

(Newser) - In a political season defined by anger, Carl Paladino's rage stands out, says the New York Times . Though some say he's merely tapping into voter dissatisfaction, others think the racist-email-sending , mud-slinging , reporter-fighting candidate for NY governor has taken things too far—including, apparently, members of his own party. “I’... More »

Meet Your Typical Angry Voter

Poor 'Ben' is about to be very disappointed

(Newser) - Patio Man, meet Ben the Angry Voter. David Brooks is busy inventing American archetypes again. (For a primer on his Patio Man from a while back, see here and here .) This time, it's Ben, an average guy who for years lived a non-flashy but "satisfying, moral" way of... More »

2 Stories