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Broccoli Chemical Could Help Fight Autism Symptoms

Study produces noticeable changes in subjects

(Newser) - A chemical found in veggies like broccoli may help cut down on symptoms in people with autism, a study finds. With the help of parents and caregivers, researchers assigned autism "scores" to 44 males with the disorder, ages 13 to 27; higher numbers on two different scales were linked... More »

Bok Choy Diet Leads Straight to Hospital

88-year-old woman was eating 2 to 3 pounds of raw cabbage daily

(Newser) - An 88-year-old woman who took "eat your vegetables" a little too seriously wound up in the hospital after several months on a diet that included 2 to 3 pounds of raw bok choy per day. The patient was attempting to treat her diabetes, but she consumed so much of... More »

2 Stories