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Days May Be Numbered for UK's Beloved Fish and Chips

Squid are moving in as waters warm up

(Newser) - Britain's beloved national dish of fish and chips may have to be updated for changing times—along with the saying "plenty of fish in the sea." Researchers say that cold-water fish like cod and haddock traditionally used in the dish are vanishing from British waters as the... More »

Cute Purple Critter on Ocean Floor Charms Scientists

Exploration vessel Nautilus encountered the squid off the coast California

(Newser) - It looks for all the world "like some little kid dropped their toy," as one scientist jokes. But, no, that adorable purple creature with giant, googly eyes spotted on the bottom of the ocean is, in fact, a stubby squid called Rossia pacifica. Researchers in the exploration vessel... More »

Surprise Ocean News: The Octopus Is Booming

Cephalopods increasing in changing waters

(Newser) - You don't have to look far to find bad news about the world's oceans— overfishing , unhealthy coral reefs , you name it—but one group of sea creatures seems to be doing quite well in this changing world: cephalopods. A study in Cell Biology finds that octopuses, squid, and... More »

Divers Run Into Mysterious, Giant, Jellylike 'Thing'

One expert says it could be a giant mass of tens of thousands of squid eggs

(Newser) - When Lutfu Tanriover went on a deep-sea dive off the coast of Turkey in early July, he wasn't prepared for what he and his fellow divers encountered 72 feet below the surface: a gelatinous, see-through blob the size of a car that he nicknamed "The Thing," the... More »

Scientists Defrost, Dissect Rare Colossal Squid

Specimen is one of 2 known intact ones ever found

(Newser) - After thawing an animal that had been frozen for 8 months and some careful maneuvering with a forklift to get it into a tank, scientists were able to take a good look at the best-preserved specimen of the elusive colossal squid ever discovered. The 770-pound creature hauled up by a... More »

Post-Coital Fatigue Can Be Deadly for ...

... Squids, which are exhausted by 3-hour sex marathons

(Newser) - Luckily most of us don't have to hunt for food or dodge predators right after mating. But squids aren't so lucky, and strenuous sex romps leave them exhausted for about half an hour, the New Zealand Herald reports. Researchers in Australia studied the "southern dumpling squid" and... More »

Taxi-Sized Squid Caught off Louisiana

20-foot creature is the first giant squid ever netted by Gulf researchers

(Newser) - Scientists studying whale diets in the Gulf of Mexico unexpectedly hauled in a giant squid half as long as a school bus, Reuters reports. The 19.5-foot-long creature dragged up from 1,500 feet below the sea off Louisiana is the first giant squid found in the area in over... More »

Scientists Thaw Colossal Squid for Probe

Researchers begin thawing 34-foot creature, aim to determine its sex

(Newser) - New Zealand scientists have begun defrosting a colossal squid, caught last year, so they can dissect the little-known species. They aim to start by determining the sex of the 34-foot long animal, a native of Antarctica that weighs half a ton. "They're incredibly rare—this is probably one of... More »

Giant Squid Storms Australia

Mysterious 26-foot sea beast is longer than a bus and weighs a quarter-ton

(Newser) - A giant squid that weighs 550 pounds and measures 26 feet from the tip of its body to the end of its fearsome tentacles washed up on an Australian beach today. The rarely spotted sea creature is the largest specimen encountered since February, when fishermen in New Zealand netted a... More »

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