Ardi Rizal

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Smoking Toddler's Mom Seeks Help

Indonesian boy has cut down from 40 a day, mom says

(Newser) - The mother of the chain-smoking Indonesian 2-year-old who puffed his way to YouTube fame says she's seeking help to end the toddler's habit. Aldi Rizal has already cut down from 40 cigarettes a day, she tells CNN , but he vomits and hurts himself in tantrums when he can't have cigarettes.... More »

Meet the 2-Packs-a-Day Tot

Ardi Rizal takes Web by storm, not in a good way

(Newser) - The latest viral video sweeping the Web is a bit more disturbing than a dancing baby: It’s a smoking baby. Two-year-old Ardi Rizal is shown puffing away—and not playfully. He appears to be an old pro when it comes to smoking. His dad, who started giving him cigarettes... More »

2 Stories