Silly Bandz

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Hot Adult Accessory: Silly Bandz

Fad alert! Better buy a pack before they sell out

(Newser) - Thanks to schools banning Silly Bandz and putting them on the national radar, the elastics-slash-bracelets are the hottest new accessory…for adults. “If kids are going crazy over these, I have to have them,” says one 30-year-old who mixes her palm tree and monkey-shaped Bandz with her Rolex... More »

Schools to Kids: Lose the Silly Bandz

Teachers say the booming fad is a distraction

(Newser) - For those not plugged in to the school-age set, Silly Bandz are hot. They're like colorful rubber bands in the shape of animals or mermaids or whatever, and kids love to trade them or, to the great enjoyment of teachers, snap them in class. So much so that schools in... More »

2 Stories