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Spanx Can Hurt Your Organs

Shapewear not so kind to your insides, doctors tell Huffington Post

(Newser) - Yet another thing women do for appearance's sake: squeeze their organs. Well, not intentionally, perhaps, but as a side effect of donning the all-popular Spanx and other shapewear. The Huffington Post decided to dig into just how much harm the helpful undergarments might be inflicting, and turned to a... More »

Meet Youngest Female Self-Made Billionaire

Spanx founder Sara Blakely cracks Forbes list

(Newser) - The likes of Carlos Slim and Warren Buffett are getting their due attention with the release of latest Forbes list , but Sara Blakely is getting her share as well. The 41-year-old Florida native is on the cover, in fact, after earning the distinction of being the youngest self-made female billionaire,... More »

Today's Hot Item: Spanx for Men

The tight-fitting tees and tanks are a big hit among guys

(Newser) - Spanx: the must-have undergarment for blushing brides, red-carpet-walking starlets, and...guys with guts? It's true: Shapewear for men is blowing up, reports the New York Times . “We are selling them as quickly as Spanx can make them,” says the men’s fashion director at Neiman Marcus of the... More »

3 Stories