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Gods Didn't Kill Animals in 'Gate to Hell'—Gas Did

Carbon dioxide is the key, researchers say of legendary Turkish cave

(Newser) - Centuries ago, bulls, rams, and other animals led into an ancient cave for religious ceremonies died of seemingly mystical causes, while the priests accompanying them suffered no such fate. Scientists say they've now figured out the secret behind this "Gate to Hell" in the ancient city of Hierapolis,... More »

San Diego Church Flier Says Voting Democrat Is 'Mortal Sin'

The diocese says that's ridiculous

(Newser) - If you live in San Diego and plan on voting for Hillary, it's best you don't read two recent newsletters from Immaculate Conception Catholic Church. In the Oct. 16 bulletin for the Old Town church, which is used as an election polling site, a flier was inserted. Along... More »

'Centipede From Hell' Discovered in Croatian Caves

And Hades has got a partner named Persephone

(Newser) - Scientists hoped they'd find some exotic creatures burrowing through some of the deepest caves in Croatia, and they did not come up short. Meet Geophilus hadesi—or "Hades," named for the Greek god of the underworld—a subterranean centipede discovered in the Velebit mountain range by the... More »

Belief in Hell Makes Life on Earth More Miserable

Study investigates beliefs across 63 countries

(Newser) - Believers in hell—or just those who think about it—may find themselves less satisfied with life on Earth, a new study suggests. In the study published in PLOS One , researchers in British Columbia investigated data from 63 countries, both on a national scale and an individual one. They compared... More »

Guardians of 'Hell's Gate' Unearthed in Turkey

Pluto's Gate once had snake, 3-headed dog standing guard

(Newser) - What's a "Gate to Hell" without a couple of scary guardians lurking outside? Appropriately, archaeologists in Turkey have unearthed two marble statues that once guarded the fabled portal to the underworld known as Pluto's Gate, LiveScience reports. "The statues represent two mythological creatures," says archaeologist... More »

'Gate to Underworld' Unearthed in Turkey

Archaeologists find Pluto's Gate

(Newser) - As far as archaeological discoveries go, it's a darker one: Pluto's Gate—aka, the fabled gate to the underworld—has reportedly been unearthed in Turkey. The team behind the dig made the announcement last month, and ANSA and Discovery report on the finding and the Greco-Roman mythology behind... More »

Belief in Heaven, Hell Alters Crime Rates

Believers in heaven more likely to be unlawful: study

(Newser) - If God is going to let you off easy, why not commit the crime? That sums up the findings of a study by two US professors who say that countries with a belief in hell have lower crime rates than those with a greater belief in heaven, the Daily Mail ... More »

Pastor Who Questioned Hell Dumps Megachurch

'Love Wins' author is taking his message on the road

(Newser) - Holy hell. A beloved local evangelical preacher who dared to question the notion that some people spend eternity suffering for their sins in hell has quit his Michigan megachurch to pursue "strategic opportunities." Rob Bell's book Love Wins sparked a furious controversy among conservative evangelical theologians. Bell... More »

Pastor Sets Off Firestorm Questioning Existence of Hell

Rob Bell book, Love Wins, challenges traditional notions

(Newser) - Evangelical blogs are in a tizzy over a pastor's new book questioning the existence of hell. Just how controversial is Love Wins, by Rob Bell? When a North Carolina pastor posted his support of the book on Facebook, he was out of a job two days later because of it,... More »

Special Hell Awaits Abusive Priests: Vatican Official

'Throw them into the sea,' exhorts 'morality' boss

(Newser) - A Vatican official has warned pedophile priests that a special hell awaits them in the afterlife. "It would be better that the evil deeds" cause an abuser death in secular dress" as a layperson than suffer "more terrible damnation" in hell as a priest, Monsignor Charles Scicluna told... More »

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