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Arsenic in Water May Sap IQ

At levels well below the EPA's guidelines

(Newser) - Could your water be making you dumber? If it has arsenic in it, it might, a new study suggests. Researchers followed 272 Maine schoolchildren over the course of five years, and found that those whose water contained arsenic tended to have lower IQs, the Portland Press Herald reports. "Everyone... More »

Guy's Gun Tattoo Draws SWAT Team

Tree workers in Maine thought it was real, called the cops

(Newser) - He'd worked the night shift and was trying to get some sleep. So when a bunch of tree-service workers woke Michael Smith of Maine yesterday morning, he went outside shirtless and hollered at them to get off his property, recounts the Morning Sentinel . Now would be the time to... More »

New Jersey Can't Get Salt Thanks to ... the US Flag?

Law bans vessel carrying salt from traveling without one

(Newser) - In a season of seemingly endless snow, New Jersey towns are running out of rock salt—and 40,000 tons of the stuff is supposed to be on its way. Trouble is, the shipment is stuck in Maine because the vessel that would carry it doesn't have an American... More »

Maine Police Investigate Screams, Find Amorous Pig

Neighbor thought it was domestic violence; it wasn't

(Newser) - Police responding to reports of screams coming from a home in Maine didn't find a victim of domestic violence as they feared. Instead, they found an amorous pig. State police say a woman called last week after hearing what she believed to be a fight coming from a neighbor'... More »

Tens of Thousands Still Without Power in US, Canada

That includes 156K in Michigan

(Newser) - The ice that snapped utility poles and knocked out power to more than half a million people in the US and Canada was stubbornly hanging on today:
  • In Michigan, about 156,000 people were still without power this afternoon, down from more than 500,000 at the storm's peak.
... More »

Black Thursday Banned in 3 States

No Thanksgiving Day shopping in Mass., RI, Maine

(Newser) - The spread of Thanksgiving Day shopping has created a lot of fuss this year, but it's not a big issue in Rhode Island, Maine, or Massachusetts—because it's illegal. The three New England states have "blue laws" dating back to colonial times that ban shopping on Thanksgiving... More »

Maine Gubernatorial Candidate: I'm Gay, So What?

Mike Michaud comes out with op-ed, saying, 'Yes, I am. But why should it matter?'

(Newser) - A Democratic candidate for Maine governor came out today, and the announcement is rippling across state boundaries. US Rep. Mike Michaud sent an op-ed to the AP , Portland Press Herald , and Bangor Daily News today, saying that he was responding to "whisper campaigns, insinuations, and push-polls" from his political... More »

PETA Video Alleges Lobster Cruelty

Video shows lobsters, crabs being dismembered while still alive: PETA

(Newser) - Animal rights organization PETA is accusing a top seafood plant in Maine of killing lobsters and crabs in a painful method, violating the state’s cruelty-to-animals statute. PETA says this video was shot by an undercover investigator at Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster plant in Rockland. Newsy reports: More »

Report: Maine Governor Says Obama 'Hates White People'

2 lawmakers say so, but Paul LePage denies it

(Newser) - Maine's governor managed to make even his fellow Republicans cringe at a fundraiser last week, according to two GOP state lawmakers who were there. Paul LePage was discussing how President Obama blew his chance at being a great president by not touting his biracial heritage—which he hasn't... More »

Man Goes to Jail for Catastrophic Diarrhea

Amazing testimony compares aftermath to both 'spaghetti sauce' and 'chunky peanut butter'

(Newser) - If you have delicate sensibilities, stop reading now. A court has upheld a conviction against a man who spent a week in jail for ... leaving the bathroom of a federal courthouse in Maine covered in poop. The cleaner who found the mess says 75% of the floor was "covered... More »

US Hiker Mauled by Polar Bear

Matt Dyer in stable condition in Montreal: wife

(Newser) - A hiker from Maine was in his tent in northeastern Canada when a polar bear hauled him out and proceeded to maul him on Wednesday. Fellow hikers were able to stop the early-morning attack using flares that frightened the animal, CBC reports, causing it to release victim Matt Dyer. The... More »

Lost Hikers Rescued, Only to Take Wrong Turn, Drown

Amy Stiner, Melissa Moyer drove off of boat landing

(Newser) - Yet another chilling story of people being rescued from one perilous situation only to succumb to another : Two female hikers who got lost in the rain and fog at Maine's Roque Bluffs State Park on Tuesday called for help; an off-duty firefighter and game warden came to their aid,... More »

Heroin Use Soars in New England's Towns

It's 'our biggest problem right now': Vermont cop

(Newser) - Heroin is not just a city drug anymore: Its use is surging in the smaller communities of New England, the New York Times reports. Last year, 21 people died in Maine from the drug—three times as many as the year before. Over the course of a decade, New Hampshire'... More »

After Rulings, Gay Marriage Access to Double

Within a year, it's available to 59M more people: Nate Silver

(Newser) - Nate Silver is illuminating the Supreme Court's gay marriage rulings with his usual statistical wizardry. Some 59 million Americans who lacked access to legal gay marriage last August will have it by the time this August comes around. Early last year, just 35 million Americans lived in regions where... More »

Let Transgender People Choose Their Bathroom

Adam Winkler: To do otherwise amounts to discrimination

(Newser) - A court in Maine heard arguments today in the case of a 15-year-old student who is biologically male but identifies as female. The issue? Nicole Maines wanted to use the girls' bathroom, but her school forbade it, reports the AP . It's another sign that "the next frontier of... More »

Maine Man's Plan to Be Hero Ends With Dead Teen

Kyle Dube charged with kidnapping, murder in death of Nichole Cable

(Newser) - A twisted story out of Maine, where police say one man's plan to play the hero ended with the death of a 15-year-old girl. Kyle Dube, 20, allegedly planned to kidnap a teen, who he would then "find." Police say he set up a fake Facebook account... More »

Missing Man Walks Into News Report About Himself

Maine TV crew was preparing an update about senior with dementia

(Newser) - A TV crew from WMTW News 8 in Maine was setting up to do an update about missing 73-year-old Bob McDonough when McDonough himself walked into the shot. McDonough, who has dementia, had gone missing the previous day, and police were out with canine units looking for him. He appears... More »

Maine Hermit Gets Offers of Marriage, Bail

Knight is 'smiling, pleasant;' even has his own folk song tribute

(Newser) - For a guy who spent 27 years living in the woods with no human contact , Christopher Knight seems pretty popular. Authorities in Maine, where the "North Pond Hermit" is being held on burglary charges, say he has received a marriage proposal from a woman on the other side of... More »

How Maine Hermit Survived in Woods for 27 Years

Not by building fires or fishing, apparently

(Newser) - When news broke yesterday of Christopher Knight's arrest in Maine, two details jumped out as pretty wild: One, he's accused of committing more than one thousand burglaries —and upon his arrest he told police he has encountered just one human in a span of 27 years. The... More »

Maine Cops Nab Hermit Suspected in 1K Burglaries

Christopher Knight had lived in woods for 27 years

(Newser) - A man who lived like a hermit for decades in the woods of central Maine—and who may be responsible for more than 1,000 burglaries—has been captured, authorities say. Police say 47-year-old Christopher Knight was arrested last week while stealing food from a camp in Rome. Yesterday, authorities... More »

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