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Scientist: Just Kill Oil-Soaked Birds

Fowl in path of spill will die painful deaths anyway, expert says

(Newser) - As oil drenches untold numbers of birds in the Gulf of Mexico, one scientist has a message for those rushing to clean and release them: You'd do better to just kill them. "According to serious studies, the middle-term survival rate of oil-soaked birds is under 1 percent," a... More »

Oil Tragically Drenches Birds

Images emerge from Grand Terre Island in Louisiana

(Newser) - Even if that new containment lid manages to siphon most of the gushing oil, it won't help the birds on East Grand Terre Island in Louisiana. Truly heartbreaking images of them are emerging: "I am a 48 yr old man and i want to cry," wrote one commenter... More »

2 Stories