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Massive Snake Falls From Ceiling Onto Sleeping Man

The central New York man got a rude awakening

(Newser) - A central New York man got a rude awakening when a large snake fell from his bedroom ceiling and landed on him while he slept, per the AP . The state Department of Environmental Conservation says one of its officers responded to a call on June 29 from a man who... More »

Boa Constrictor Wraps Around Ohio Woman, Bites Her Nose

Unnamed woman was rescued by firefighters

(Newser) - Firefighters have rescued an Ohio woman after a boa constrictor wrapped around her neck and began biting her face, reports the AP . The unnamed 45-year-old Sheffield Lake woman called 911 Thursday afternoon asking for help, reports the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram . The boa constrictor was one of two snakes she had rescued... More »

SD Man Busted for Not Having Snake on a Leash

'He was literally asking me to put a rope around my snake. I was like, 'Dude, no.''

(Newser) - "It was April Fool’s Day, so I thought he was playing a joke," says Jerry Kimball. Alas, no joke: Kimball was fined $190 for allowing his pet snake to slither freely in a South Dakota park, what an animal control officer called "animals running at large.... More »

Couple Gets 12 Years After Pet Python Crushes Toddler

Lawyer blames sentence on Casey Anthony

(Newser) - A Florida couple whose pet Burmese python crushed the woman's 2-year-old daughter to death have been sentenced to 12 years in prison each on manslaughter and child neglect charges. Experts testified that the 8-foot-long snake was severely underweight and had tried to eat the child whole, reports the New ... More »

Snake-Free Hawaii Fears Slithery Invasion

Authorities see more illegal pets, worry about ecosystem

(Newser) - Leave it to a snake to ruin paradise. Hawaiian officials are worried that a steady increase in illegal snake ownership—a 9-foot boa and a 7-foot python were captured this month after escaping—will threaten the islands' fragile ecosystem and kill off birds and flowers, reports the Associated Press . Environmental... More »

Granny Finds 6-Foot Anaconda in Toilet

Polish cops capture stray South American snake looking for way out

(Newser) - A Polish grandmother slammed her toilet lid down very quickly after opening it to find a 6-foot anaconda looking back at her, the Telegraph reports. The Wroclaw woman called police, who managed to capture it with the help of a local zoo worker. Authorities believe the snake, native to South... More »

Pet Boa Constrictor Kills Owner

Cops pry animal from owner's neck

(Newser) - A suburban Omaha man was strangled by his pet boa constrictor in his home as he was showing off the snake to a friend. Cory Byrne, 34, died in a local hospital just hours after cops and paramedics pried the 9-foot snake from his neck. The snake is being held... More »

7 Stories