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12 Famous People Who Killed Someone

Some of these deaths were accidental; some decidedly not

(Newser) - Even celebrities have skeletons in their closets, like the dozen rounded up by BuzzFeed who have all killed someone:
  • William S. Burroughs: The writer, who initially claimed to have been playing “William Tell” while drunk, shot his common-law wife. His original story was that he was trying to shoot
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William S. Burroughs Novel Heads to Court ... in Turkey

Publisher, translator of ' The Soft Machine' face obscenity charges

(Newser) - The work of Beat Generation writer William S. Burroughs is heading back to court, this time in Turkey. An Istanbul-based publisher and his translator face obscenity charges for publishing Burroughs' novel, The Soft Machine, which contains intense themes of drug use and homosexuality. This comes decades after a US court... More »

10 Toughest Reads in Literature

This list might be enough to make your head hurt

(Newser) - Great books can bring great joy—and, in a few cases, great big headaches. Listverse compiles the 10 toughest reads in literature:
  • Finnegans Wake, James Joyce: If you thought Joyce would ride his way onto this list compliments of Ulysses, think again. Written partially in a made-up language of mindbendingly
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3 Stories