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Die Hard Series Must Die

John McClane is back, but there's nothing to Yippie-ki-yay over

(Newser) - If critics are to be believed, it will probably never be a good day to see A Good Day to Die Hard. Pretty much everyone is savaging the fifth film in the venerable Bruce Willis franchise, with more than a few writing that it's time for the whole series... More »

Die Hard Director Gets Year in Jail for Lying

Judge does not feel bad for John McTiernan

(Newser) - John McTiernan, director of Predator and Die Hard, got one year in the slammer yesterday for lying to an FBI agent and a judge. McTiernan admitted to hiring private investigator Anthony Pellicano in 2006 to wiretap a producer he had worked with, but later lied about his association with Pellicano... More »

5 Movie Myths About Guns

For starters, it's hard to blow up a car with one

(Newser) - Hollywood just loves its guns, but it doesn't always get the facts straight. Robert Evans of Cracked.com busts 5 common gun myths:
  • Bullets blow up cars and stuff (Jaws, Casino Royale, Matrix Reloaded): If it were that easy to make flammable things go boom, every car accident "would
... More »

3 Stories