Volkswagen Beetle

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Volkswagen Is Cheating on Smog Tests: EPA

482K cars ordered recalled

(Newser) - If you drive a Volkswagen diesel model, your car might be getting recalled—though not for safety reasons. The Obama administration has ordered the carmaker to recall about 482,000 cars because, it claims, Volkswagen put illegal software in those cars designed to get around environmental standards, the New York ... More »

Introducing New New Beetle

The 2012 version goes on sale in the fall

(Newser) - Volkswagen has overhauled its iconic Beetle for the second time, introducing the new new version today. It's the first refresh since 1998, when Volkswagen came up with the New Beetle, nearly two decades after the original Beetle was discontinued. The signature bulbous shape has been replaced with a flatter... More »

Oprah: You All Get a 2012 VW Beetle!

Winfrey gives away yet-to-be-unveiled car

(Newser) - Oprah's always giving stuff away to audiences, but yesterday's gift was a bit over the top: The top-secret, redesigned 2012 VW Beetle. The talk show host, who owns the current model, featured the VW Beetle on her show yesterday as one of her "favorite things" and all 275 members... More »

The 9 Cars Most Popular With Women

VW Beetles, small SUVs most popular for women

(Newser) - Women seem to agree on the cars they want to drive—just nine vehicle models have more female registrants than male, according to a survey of vehicle records. The top pick for women is the Volkswagen Beetle, and after that, a strong preference for small sport-utility vehicles emerges, the LA ... More »

4 Stories