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Worst Getaway Vehicle Ever? 5 Craziest Crimes of the Week

Plus, a robber who really shouldn't have used a wheelchair

(Newser) - A strange choice of getaway vehicle and some alleged burglars who did a lot more than just burgle make this week's list of the craziest crimes:
  • Cops: Woman's Getaway Vehicle Doesn't Work Well : An alleged robber in Gainesville, Florida, managed to successfully get away from an Arby'
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A Wheelchair, a $37K Rolex, and Now a Plea Deal

That's just how Larry Johnson rolls; too bad the jewelry theft didn't pan out

(Newser) - It's not clear whether a watch thief was inspired by the word "roll" in "Rolex," but he didn't get away with his wheelchair scheme either way, pleading guilty Wednesday to charges of robbery, larceny, and assault, the AP reports. Per the Connecticut Post , Larry Johnson... More »

Bank Robber Suspect Busted in 'Incredible Coincidence'

An envelope gave the FBI the DNA sample it needed—13 years after the fact

(Newser) - A man charged in a fatal bank robbery 13 years ago was captured with the help of a tipster and DNA secretly collected from an envelope when he coincidentally filed a fraud complaint. Authorities say Richard Leon Wilbern was arrested Tuesday when he went to meet with FBI agents in... More »

2 Activists Free Penguin, May Have Doomed Him

Park officials in South African say Buddy won't survive in the wild

(Newser) - Two South African students may have gotten in over their heads when they "liberated" a penguin from a South African marine park, the BBC reports. Surveillance video showed two still-unidentified students breaking into the enclosure at Bayworld marine park, grabbing the penguin, and driving it to the nearby shoreline,... More »

Woman Shocked by Horny Burglars

She caught the suspects making sweet love on her couch

(Newser) - Chocolate, Barry White, oysters ... burglary? It appears breaking and entering is the hot new aphrodisiac after a Tennessee woman returned home after a weekend away to find a couple getting down on her couch. "It's like they just had a big old nasty party," Jamie Barnes tells... More »

Cops: Woman's Getaway Vehicle Doesn't Work Well

Floridian accused of robbing Arby's, grabbing a cab

(Newser) - An alleged robber in Gainesville, Florida, managed to successfully get away from an Arby's restaurant, only to be foiled in part by her choice of getaway vehicle: a taxi cab. The Gainesville Sun reports that 20-year-old Keshunte Taylor is in custody after police say she robbed the restaurant at... More »

Luckless Hitchhiker Throws 'Hissy Fit,' Ends Up Arrested

Cedric Claude Rene Rault-Verpre did not have a good time in Punakaiki

(Newser) - It's admittedly not the optimal place to become stranded: a New Zealand community that just 70 people call home year-round, and one with no grocery store. But after a 27-year-old French hitchhiker found himself unable to thumb a ride south from Punakaiki after four days of trying, police say... More »

NFL Player-Turned-Lawmaker Helps Crack a Murder Case

Napoleon Harris chases robbers, who end up being murder suspects

(Newser) - It's just your ordinary tale of a pizza delivery guy who used to play in the NFL and is now a state lawmaker chasing after the men who robbed him and inadvertently helping crack a murder case. The bizarre tale centers around 37-year-old Napoleon Harris, who played linebacker for... More »

Golden Butt: 5 Craziest Crimes of the Week

Including a hitchhiker hissyfit

(Newser) - An alleged gold heist that's sure to be the butt of more than a few jokes, and a receipt that may have given away a huge secret factor into this week's crazy crimes.
  • Bigamy Charges Filed After Wife Finds Telltale Receipt : You know that feeling when you realize
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Undercover Cop Works at Burger King to Catch Criminals

2 employees arrested on drug charges

(Newser) - In what sounds like the set-up for a pretty fun movie, a Maryland cop went undercover as a Burger King employee in order to catch two workers at the fast-food restaurant dealing drugs. Police got a complaint that BK employees were selling drugs in the restaurant's parking lot, so... More »

Cops: Girl Brings Knife to School to Fend Off Clowns

The 11-year-old was arrested Friday

(Newser) - In what's either a prudent safety measure or an excellent example of media-induced hysteria, an 11-year-old girl in Georgia was arrested Friday for allegedly bringing a knife to school to protect her from clowns, the Athens Banner-Herald reports. "She said that the reason she had the knife was... More »

Cops: Mint Worker Smuggled Out $135K in Gold —in His Butt

Leston Lawrence is accused of stealing a lot of precious metal in Canada

(Newser) - A man whose job was to test gold for purity at the Royal Canadian Mint is accused of stealing $135,000 in precious metal—in his rectum. Leston Lawrence, 35, was known to set off the Mint's metal detectors more often than most, but he always passed a search... More »

City Wants Public's Help After Pricey Fish Are Stolen

Villa Rica officials blame 3 men for illegal fishing

(Newser) - A city in Georgia has an unusual theft case on its hands: Eight fish have gone missing from a pond at a museum. And as Fox5 Atlanta explains, it's a bigger deal than it might sound given that each is worth about $3,000. The manager of the Pine... More »

Bigamy Charges Filed After Wife Finds Telltale Receipt

An affair would have been one thing, but...

(Newser) - You know that feeling when you realize your husband is actually married to another woman in another state? No? Well, two women in New York and Pennsylvania apparently do. Authorities have charged Arturo R. Reid, 65, with bigamy after they say Annette Reid, 70, whom Reid married in New York... More »

Funny Facebook Chat: 5 Craziest Crimes of the Week

Including a woman who really needed a French fry

(Newser) - The lengths we'll go for love ... or lots of pennies. Some 300,000 of the latter factor into the craziest crimes of this week.
  • American Jailed for Floating Into Canada on Mattress : As the judge put it, "Pardon the pun, but it seems to me you wanted to
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Yoga Teacher Cleared in Bizarre Bar Mitzvah Case

She was accused of flashing boys, and more

(Newser) - An unusual—and unusually long—trial has ended without charges in Arizona. In the case, a 32-year-old yoga teacher was accused of exposing her newly augmented breasts to a group of seven boys, ages 11 to 15, at a bar mitzvah party, inviting the boys to touch them, and performing... More »

Eating a Cop's Fries Is Apparently Illegal

A Maryland woman learned that the hard way

(Newser) - Stealing food off a friend's plate might be acceptable, but it's best not to take such liberties with a police officer. Police tell Fox 5 that a 26-year-old Maryland woman and a friend started a conversation with an officer at a DC restaurant on Wednesday, then the first... More »

Suspect Keeps Facebook Promise to Cops, Turns Self In

Brandon Melbourne explained he had some things to take care of first

(Newser) - It was just your average Facebook chat between two folks trying to arrange a get-together, except that one party was a man with outstanding warrants who resembles a bank robbery suspect and the other was the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary. After the RNC post about 25-year-old Brandon Melbourne went up on... More »

American Jailed for Floating Into Canada on Mattress

John Bennett says he needed to cross border to protect girlfriend

(Newser) - As the judge put it, “Pardon the pun, but it seems to me you wanted to get there, come hell or high water.” That was apparently the case for an American nabbed while crossing illegally into Canada on an air mattress, CBC reports. Officials say John Bennett, 25,... More »

Misbehaving Moms: 5 Craziest Crimes of the Week

Including an unusual bank robbery

(Newser) - Some parents a little too enthusiastic about the first day of school and a bank robbery with an odd motive were among the strangest crimes stories of the week:
  • Cops: Mom Smokes Celebratory Joint Near School : It's one way to send the kids off to school: When cops on
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