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Burglars Find Dead Woman, Swipe Body, Identity: Cops

Yet men in Washington state did not get far

(Newser) - Two men accused of finding a Washington woman's body when they burglarized her home, then hiding the body and assuming her identity, have been arrested, a Pierce County sheriff's spokesman says. "It's a bizarre story with a lot of moving pieces," Ed Troyer said yesterday.... More »

Woman, 88, Accused of Assaulting Cops

They showed up at her house because of a wrong address

(Newser) - An 88-year-old woman has been charged with assaulting police who responded to her western Massachusetts home, which turned out to be the wrong address. The Berkshire Eagle reports that officers went to the home of Phyllis Stankiewicz yesterday afternoon following a report of a disturbance involving someone with a baseball... More »

Lovesick Teen Went to Extremes to Get Mom's Help

And ended up arrested for it

(Newser) - Some unspecified problem had apparently occurred between an Alabama teen and his girlfriend, and where the story goes from there is too bizarre. Limestone County sheriff's deputies say 18-year-old Haden Smith texted his mother yesterday morning with a threat: Every 15 minutes he would off one of her chickens... More »

Nuts on a Plane, Literally: 5 Craziest Crimes of Week

Including a peckish airplane passenger and a 'Red Wedding' in Pennsylvania

(Newser) - Breast implants and airline nuts factor into the weirdest crime stories of the week:
  • Now in the Running for Worst Air Traveler of the Year : That would be Jeremiah Thede, 42, of Berkeley, Calif., who authorities say got out of his seat 15 minutes into his Saturday flight from Rome
... More »

'Screech' Gets 4 Months in Jail for Bar Fight

'Misty-eyed' Dustin Diamond is sentenced

(Newser) - Dustin Diamond, perhaps better known as Saved by the Bell's Screech, was sentenced by a Wisconsin judge today to four months in jail for a barroom stabbing. Judge Paul Malloy also sentenced Diamond to 15 months' probation and ordered him to report to jail Sunday. Diamond was convicted earlier... More »

Family Flees Dream Home, and Its Creepy 'Watcher'

Lawsuit claims previous owners hid letter from 'the Watcher'

(Newser) - A New Jersey couple says the $1.3 million dream home they bought in Westfield a year ago came with six bedrooms, a sprawling lawn for their three kids, and a creepy stalker, who the owners say began sending threatening letters three days after they took possession. The letters, signed... More »

Telling Friend to Speed May Be Pricey Mistake

Court rules that case against passenger should proceed

(Newser) - A woman may have to pay up for urging a friend to zoom past the speed limit. A federal appeals court in San Diego has ruled that the female passenger will have to face a jury over the fatal accident that resulted, reports the San Francisco Chronicle . The case goes... More »

Cops: Air Passenger Goes Bonkers Over Nuts

Transatlantic flight has to dump fuel for emergency landing

(Newser) - Now in the running for worst air traveler of the year: A middle-aged Berkeley man accused of wigging out over nuts and crackers. Authorities say Jeremiah Thede, 42, was on a United flight from Rome to Chicago Saturday when he got out of his seat just 15 minutes into the... More »

16 Police Forces Called to Bloody Wedding Brawl

Groom arrested, bride treated for alcohol poisoning

(Newser) - A wedding reception in Berks County, Pa., turned into something resembling a regional police convention when officers from 16 forces turned up to deal with rowdy guests—including the groom, who spent his wedding night in jail. From what police could piece together, the reception at a venue in Ontelaunee... More »

Cops: Woman Smuggled Cocaine in Breast Implants

She is arrested at airport in Colombia

(Newser) - She might have gotten away with it if she weren't acting so nervous. Airport authorities in Colombia detained a suspicious-acting woman for questioning and soon learned that she was trying to smuggle liquid cocaine in her breast implants, reports Reuters . The 22-year-old confessed when an X-ray revealed recent surgery.... More »

Bowling-Ball Bomb: 5 Craziest Crimes of the Week

Including a poorly chosen designated driver and an overly curious man

(Newser) - A suspect tempting fate via his T-shirt and an island that sadly watched its nearly half-century theft-free streak go down the tubes are among the weirdest crime stories of the week:
  • Remote Island Shocked by First Theft in 50 Years : The tiny island of Canna, located in the Inner Scottish
... More »

Guy Steals Car He Can't Drive, Calls Taxi

Stick shift foiled Utah teen

(Newser) - Maybe he should have stolen some driving lessons first? Police in Providence, Utah, say that after 19-year-old Alexander Katz and his girlfriend allegedly stole a car on Tuesday, they ended up ditching it and calling a taxi because he didn't know how to drive a stick shift, KSL reports.... More »

T-Shirt Irony Isn't Shooting Suspect's Strong Suit

If it had been, Tieren Watson probably wouldn't have worn this Nike getup

(Newser) - A 26-year-old Alabama man joins this guy in the "Attire That Crime Suspects Should Avoid" category after police arrested him Tuesday for alleged involvement in a shooting over the weekend in Benton, per the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette . Cops tracked Tieren Watson down at a local chain hotel, and his T-shirt... More »

Cops: Guy Tried to Burn House With Bowling Ball Bomb

Which is one way to foil bank from selling it

(Newser) - As the Sun-Sentinel puts it, "it's hard to stand out when it comes to crime in South Florida," but that's exactly what one 21-year-old Loxahatchee resident has allegedly done. Per the AP , Tyler Butler was arrested on charges of arson and using an explosive device after... More »

Remote Island Shocked by First Theft in 50 Years

And that was just beginning of 'crime wave' that hit Scottish isle of Canna

(Newser) - The community store on the tiny island of Canna, located in the Inner Scottish Hebrides, goes by the honor system on weekends, leaving its doors open all night so fishermen can tap the WiFi and make purchases; they simply log what they've taken in a ledger and leave money... More »

Cops: Daughter, 13, Drives Drunk Parents From Bar

Very badly

(Newser) - Two parents in Austin, Texas, exercised great judgment in realizing that neither one of them was sober enough to drive home. But then the great judgment fell off a cliff, say police. The couple, out drinking Saturday night with their two kids in tow, gave the keys to the family... More »

7 Stolen Rare Pythons May Die If Not Returned: Owner

Snakes taken from Ohio pet store are all in need of medical care

(Newser) - Seven rare pythons have been stolen from an Ohio pet store, and the company's CEO is desperate to get them back because none of them are in great shape, reports. Five of the snakes lifted from Akron Rattery and Reptile Rescue on Saturday evening are sick with... More »

Stop Staring at Me: 5 Craziest Crimes of Week

Including a bizarre break-in and a ridiculous lawsuit

(Newser) - A detained dad with someplace to be and a would-be burglar who made himself at home play a role in the weirdest crime stories of the week:
  • Famous Impostor Charged With Being an Impostor : Police say a Detroit-area impostor who inspired a 1989 award-winning film was posing like someone else—
... More »

Curious Guy Shoots Own Foot

Colorado man wanted to know what it felt like

(Newser) - Being incredibly stupid is not a crime in Colorado—but reckless endangerment is, and a man named Adam Hirtle was charged with it after telling cops he shot himself in the foot to find out what it felt like. A police spokesman tells the Denver Post that when officers went... More »

Woman Makes Ill-Advised 911 Call, Gets Arrested

Telling the cops about your drug deal gone wrong: not a good idea

(Newser) - Authorities say a South Florida woman who called 911 to report that she was getting stiffed in a drug deal ended up reporting on herself: She now faces charges including drug possession. The Broward Sheriff's Office reports that 19-year-old Daneshia Heller told a 911 operator Tuesday that she went... More »

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