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A Movie Misstep: 5 Craziest Crimes of Week

Including 2 teens' amazing way of foiling a robbery

(Newser) - A fugitive who should have thought twice about his next career choice and a whole lot of stripper tips are among the craziest crime stories of the week:
  • Fugitive Caught Thanks to Role in Horror Movie : When it comes to promoting a movie, no press is bad press, right? Right,
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Teenage Clerks Brilliantly Foil Would-Be Robber

Subway workers just ignored him until he left

(Newser) - Best attempted-robbery story in a while: When a guy in a lame disguise walked into a Subway store in Coventry, Rhode Island, and demanded money, the young clerks simply ignored him until he went away, reports NBC News . Or as police put it, "the two teenage employees did not... More »

How Not to Ask for Directions to the White House

In the middle of the night, in a truck with guns and ammo

(Newser) - Some guys will never ask for directions, and some guys just shouldn't. An example of the latter: The driver of an out-of-state pickup pulled over his truck in Washington, DC, about 2:30am Tuesday and approached a police officer to ask, "Where's the White House," reports... More »

Fugitive Caught Thanks to Role in Horror Movie

Cops saw his photo in the newspaper

(Newser) - When it comes to promoting a movie, no press is bad press, right? Unless you happen to be a fugitive, in which case any press is bad press. Police in Olympia, Washington, arrested Jason Stange, 44, after recognizing him in photos that ran in the Olympian about the horror movie... More »

Reporter Confronts Accused Thief of His Credit Card

Dallas consumer affairs reporter knew just what to do

(Newser) - "You picked the wrong guy," Dallas Fox 4 reporter Steve Noviello can be heard telling the woman on video . He's not kidding: Noviello is on the consumers affairs beat, and when he got an alert that someone had used his credit card number at a local hotel,... More »

Feds: Man Tipped Strippers 2K Times With Company Cash

John David Berrett is accused of spending $476K in 13 months

(Newser) - There's using the company credit card for unethical reasons, and then there's this alleged story out of Gilbert, Arizona. The feds accuse John David Berrett of dropping $476,000 of employer World Wide Technology's cash on what the Arizona Republic describes as an "online-stripper habit."... More »

Guy Swipes $150K That ATM Workers Left on Curb


(Newser) - The cash might have been sitting right there for the taking, but cops are now looking for the man who yesterday swiped a bag filled with $150,000 from a curb in Mahwah, NJ, the AP reports. Police don't know who took the money yet, but they do know... More »

Dad Ordered to Leave Prison, Son May Take His Place

Juan Silva Sr. falsely confessed to a hit-and-run

(Newser) - Juan Silva Sr. was yesterday ordered to leave prison, though he's just one year into his five-year sentence for a fatal 2013 hit-and-run. His 22-year-old son, Juan Silva, is about to take his place. The reason? The 43-year-old Milwaukee man gave a false confession to protect his son, who... More »

Hearse Heist: 5 Craziest Crimes of the Week

Including a grandma who kept on truckin' and a slow-speed scooter chase

(Newser) - A "bedridden" burglar and a failed hearse scheme in Buffalo are among the weirdest crime stories of the week:
  • Cops: Guy Wanted Home Appliance Fixed, So He Faked Chest Pains : A Pennsylvania man has been charged with obstructing emergency services after calling 911 complaining of chest pains, police say.
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Guy Broke in Ex's House, Hid Under Bed for Days: Cops

Charged 4 cellphones while secretly squatting

(Newser) - You know that creepy feeling like something or someone might be lurking under your bed at night? Warning: This story will not mitigate that. Cops accuse Jason Hubbard, a New Jersey man who apparently didn't have a place to live, of breaking into the Spotswood home of his ex-girlfriend'... More »

Cops: Guy Faked Chest Pains to Get Air Conditioner Fixed

It was his 63rd bogus 911 call

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania man who thought paramedics would be willing and able to repair his air conditioner when his medical emergency turned out to be fake has been charged with obstructing emergency services, police say. According to a police report obtained by the Smoking Gun , Travis Turner, believed to be 26... More »

Cops: Guy Steals Hearse to Frame an Enemy

Genius plot fizzles, however

(Newser) - It's the weirdest story about a stolen hearse you'll ever hear. Police in Buffalo say 28-year-old Michael Healing stole an empty hearse from outside a church last week as part of a crazy scheme to frame his drug dealer, reports the Buffalo News . Healing had allegedly stolen $11,... More »

Grandma Tracks Down Stolen Truck, Boxes It In

It belonged to her late husband

(Newser) - They messed with the wrong grandma: When a thief stole her late husband's pickup truck, Ana Dean tells KOAT that she piled her grandkids in the car and began driving around Albuquerque looking for the F-150. "I was just heartbroken," she recalls. She soon spotted the truck... More »

Abu Dhabi Jails Woman for Facebook Picture of Car

Jodi Magi has 'zero idea' why she's in trouble for post about parking

(Newser) - They could have just washed her mouth out with soap, but instead Abu Dhabi officials threw Australian Jodi Magi in jail for posting a picture of a parked car online, Australia's ABC News reports. It started in February when Magi, annoyed at a driver who took up two handicap-parking... More »

Guy Fleeing Cops on Scooter Does Not Get Away

Because they're not very fast, you see

(Newser) - A suspected drug dealer tried to evade authorities in Nevada while riding a scooter. The Nevada Appeal reports that Joseph Scurti is facing charges including suspicion of a parole and probation warrant and probation violation. Obstruction charges are pending. The slow-speed pursuit began Friday when Carson City deputies tried to... More »

An Unbearable Breakup: 5 Craziest Crimes of the Week

Including stuffed-animal arson and a famous director's missing head

(Newser) - A super-strict cybercrime punishment and a surprise ending for a stolen SUV are among the weirdest crime stories of the week:
  • Abu Dhabi Jails Woman for Facebook Picture of Car : File this under "why you should be stoked you live in the US." Abu Dhabi officials threw Australian
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Burglar Accidentally Records Selfie Video

Police would like a word

(Newser) - He's not caught yet, but a burglar in Venice, California, could soon join the annals of criminals done in by technology . Police say the man entered a home while the occupants were sleeping, picked up an iPhone, and triggered an app that recorded a selfie video, reports CBS Los... More »

Woman's Plan to Have Jesus Pay the Bill Ends Poorly

April Lee Yates was arrested on Sunday in Myrtle Beach

(Newser) - What would Jesus do? Maybe advise us to pay our own bills. April Lee Yates apparently had other ideas. The 51-year-old was arrested in Myrtle Beach, SC, on Sunday night and charged with defrauding a restaurant. The staff at Bennetts Calabash told police Yates had been there for almost four... More »

Nosferatu Director's Head Taken From Grave

German cops believe there may be link to occult

(Newser) - FW Murnau was one of the first—and best—horror movie directors and he is still at the center of creepy goings-on more than 80 years after his death. Police in Germany say the Nosferatu director's grave in a family plot near Berlin has been raided by people who... More »

Ex Charged With Arson After Lighting Up Teddy Bear

He cut up a second bear, too, say cops

(Newser) - A man who police say took out his aggressions on two teddy bears after a breakup is behind bars on arson charges, reports the Commercial Appeal of Memphis. The arson allegation is because 25-year-old Marshay Frenard allegedly doused one of the stuffed bears with lighter fluid and set it ablaze... More »

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