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Cops: Guy Steals Car ... to Get to Court

Authorities aren't sympathetic

(Newser) - On the bright side, James Manning made it to court on time for his hearing on a drug-possession charge. The problem is that police say he stole a car from a neighboring California county to do so, reports the Modesto Bee . The 49-year-old's trouble got rolling when a dealership... More »

Suspect's Giveaway: He Was 'Walking Awkwardly'

Police say they found heroin in man's underwear at JFK Airport

(Newser) - Pro tip: If you're going to smuggle heroin in your underwear, try to walk like a normal person while doing so. Bernard Charles apparently couldn't manage that, so when Customs and Border Protection officers spotted him "walking awkwardly" at New York's JFK Airport on April 1,... More »

Guy Gets 18 Months for Peeing on the Alamo

Daniel Athens must also pay $4K in restitution

(Newser) - Daniel Athens is probably going to forever remember his decision to urinate on the Alamo back in April 2012. The El Paso resident has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for peeing on the San Antonio landmark during a visit to the city, KPRC reports. He'll also have... More »

Ohio Man's Sentence: Carry 'I'm A Bully' Sign

Edmond Aviv, 62, convicted of harassing his neighbors

(Newser) - A South Euclid, Ohio, man has been ordered by a judge to stand on a street corner this weekend and hold a sign, letting everyone passing by know that he's a bully. The unusual sentence was handed down this past week when 62-year-old Edmond Aviv was convicted of harassing... More »

Man Jailed 11 Years Late, Thanks to 'Clerical Error'

Mike Anderson was supposed to go to prison in 2002

(Newser) - Cornealious "Mike" Anderson was supposed to go to prison in 2002—but due to, he says, a "clerical error," the Missouri man just started serving his 13-year prison sentence nine months ago. Anderson was convicted in a 1999 armed robbery, and was supposed to go to prison... More »

Cops Catch Burglars Who Robbed Snarky Widow

Naomi Richmond was robbed while following her dying husband's ambulance

(Newser) - Imagine the worst day of your life. Now compare it to the night Naomi Richmond had in February, when her husband died and her house was burglarized while she followed his ambulance to the hospital. Richmond's case drew local media attention in part because of the snarky-yet-heartbreaking "thank... More »

Man Jailed for 6 Months Over Loud Sex

12 neighbors complained about the Italian man's romps with his girlfriend

(Newser) - There's a noisy romp between the sheets and then there's sex so loud it's considered "stalking" your neighbors. That was the charge an Italian man apparently faced in court, after a dozen of his neighbors filed a civil suit complaining of his loud lovemaking sessions. They... More »

5 Craziest Crimes of the Week

Including Smart-car tippers in San Francisco

(Newser) - Two unusual customer-service issues made their way onto the crime blotter this week:
  • What Not to Do When Angry With Pot Dealer : A woman in East Texas felt that her marijuana dealer sold her low-quality pot, so she decided to call the police and file a complaint. The responding officers
... More »

Teen's Idea to Fund Prom Dress: Sell Pot Brownies

Saira Munoz now faces deportation

(Newser) - Saira Munoz needed to make enough money to buy a prom dress. What to do? The then-18-year-old high school student chose quite possibly the worst course of action: She baked pot brownies, then hired another student to sell them at her high school in Yuba City, California. When one of... More »

Cops: Laptop Thief Busted After Customer Service Call

Suspect phoned Apple for help months after burglary

(Newser) - Calling customer service for help with your laptop is generally a fine idea, but maybe not if you stole the thing in a home burglary. Police in New Hampshire say they made an arrest on Monday and recovered a computer stolen in February 2013 thanks to that very scenario, reports... More »

Cops: 9-Year-Old Steals Car to Skip School

He goes on the lam for 45 minutes before pulling over

(Newser) - A 9-year-old boy in Florida wanted to skip school so badly that he stole his mother's car, police say. The unidentified kid managed to drive around for about 45 minutes before pulling over for police, reports the Miami Herald . "He could barely see over the steering wheel,"... More »

What Not to Do When Angry About Pot Dealer

Woman arrested after calling police to complain about quality

(Newser) - Two strange marijuana-related arrests from the police blotter:
  • Bad strategy: A woman in East Texas got herself arrested after she called police to complain that a dealer had sold her low-quality marijuana, reports the AP . Evelyn Hamilton spent $40 on the pot and says she called the cops when the
... More »

Baby in Hiding After Attempted Murder Charge

Pakistani 9-month-old has April 12 court appearance

(Newser) - A new twist in the case of the 9-month-old Pakistani baby who has been charged with attempted murder . The infant's grandfather today tells Reuters that the child has gone into hiding, though he revealed the boy's general location: the city of Faisalabad. Why Muhammad Mosa Khan was charged... More »

5 Craziest Crimes of the Week

A thwarted thief and a mother-son duo who were really into chainsaws

(Newser) - Among this week's crop of ill-advised criminals: A burglar who got stuck on the way to his would-be loot and a trio of alleged drunk drivers caught behind the wheel ... of the same car:
  • Cops: Arby's Burglar Gets Stuck : It probably seemed like the perfect plan on paper:
... More »

Cops: Mom, Son Stole $10K in ... Chainsaws

Now they face up to 20 years in prison

(Newser) - They had a niche: Police say a mother and son stole $10,000 worth of chainsaws from stores in Michigan and then tried to sell them on Craigslist in Chicago, reports ABC Local . The grand scheme fell through, however, and Gaci Juric, 57, and Ali Ivanov, 35, now face charges... More »

3 Men Charged With Driving Drunk in Same Car

One after the other, in Australia

(Newser) - Police in New South Wales, Australia, stopped a car at a DUI checkpoint, gave the driver a breathalyzer, and promptly hauled him off to jail on drunk-driving charges, reports the Herald . Routine stuff, but this makes it a little more interesting: After the arrest, one of the two passengers slid... More »

Stolen Gauguin Was on Factory Worker's Wall for Decades

He didn't realize it until son saw it in a book

(Newser) - They looked like nice enough paintings, so a factory worker in Italy shelled out $30 back in 1975 for the two works at a public auction. They'd been abandoned on a train, after all, so they couldn't be that valuable, right? Wrong, reports the BBC . The Fiat worker... More »

5 Craziest Crimes of the Week

Including a newly freed convict with a bad case of deja vu

(Newser) - A not-so-appropriately dressed DUI suspect and a mom who maybe isn't the greatest role model make the list:
  • Christopher Reeves Arrested in Superman Shirt : One surefire way to have your otherwise nondescript arrest on drug charges make headlines is to have the name Christopher Reeves and get caught while
... More »

400-Pound Cop Stalked Boys as Teen Girl Online

He persuaded boys to send him sexual images

(Newser) - Teenage boys beware: That girl you're chatting to on Facebook could be a man—it could even be a 400-pound, 6-foot-3 police Florida officer like Sgt. Michael Stavris. Authorities say the officer posed as a teenage girl online, promising teen boys oral sex in return for pictures of their... More »

Police Find Mom Hiding in Bedroom at Teen Party

This after Carolyn Weinand told them she was out of town, unaware of bash

(Newser) - Not that unusual: Cops show up to bust a teen party involving booze, and find someone hiding in a bedroom. Unusual: That person is the home's 56-year-old owner, and mother to the 18-year-old who threw the bash. Police say they arrived at the home in Naples, Fla., just after... More »

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