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4 Swedish Cops Bust Up Fight on NYC Subway

Bratton thanks them publicly, but one says it was 'no big deal'

(Newser) - NYPD chief William Bratton is thanking four Swedish law enforcement officers who broke up a fight on the subway this week. Erik Naslund, Samuel Kvarzell, Markus Asberg, and Eric Jansberger were headed to see a Broadway performance of Les Miserables on Wednesday when a fight broke out between two men... More »

China: No More Funeral Strippers

Apparently, erotic funeral shows are all the rage in rural China

(Newser) - Chinese officials are launching a campaign in some rural areas to crack down on stripteases and other lewd shows that have become popular at ... funerals. The Ministry of Culture said yesterday that it will tighten control over rural culture, where vulgar performances have been thriving because of a general lack... More »

Big Bourbon Bust: 5 Craziest Crimes of Week

Including a man who had totally had it with his computer

(Newser) - A customer who didn't have it his way and sweet vengeance against a computer are among the weirdest crime stories of the week:
  • Colorado Man Unloads 8 Bullets Into Misbehaving Computer : Lucas Hinch lived out every Office Space fan's fantasy when his Dell computer started acting wonky. Instead
... More »

Burger King Customer Arrested After Citing Movie

Gary Kuhn was denied breakfast, which allegedly brought Michael Douglas to mind

(Newser) - Many of us have experienced the pain of arriving at a fast-food restaurant hungry for breakfast at 10:55am, only to be told the meal stopped being served at 10:30am. Most of us, however, weren't arrested after the experience. Not so for Gary Kuhn, a Connecticut man who... More »

In Epic Document, 'Floridian-American' Calls Court a 'Hoe'

'F*ck this court ' and 'I AM justice' are just 2 gems in Tamah Jada Clark's complaint

(Newser) - When the very first thing you see under the date, header, and plaintiffs'/defendants' names on complaint papers is an underlined "To F--- This Court and Everything that it Stands For" mission statement, you know it's probably going to be a wild read. That's how Tamah Jada... More »

Cops: Bank Robber Hid His Red Beard With a Fake One

Shaving apparently never occurred to him

(Newser) - He's like a classic bank robber from the movies, but only if his particular movie were a comedy. Police say a man with a red, or at least "reddish," beard robbed four banks in Pittsburgh, and when heavy media attention ensued, he donned a not-so-great disguise: He... More »

Colorado Man Cited for Executing Computer

He put 8 bullets into misbehaving Dell

(Newser) - A Colorado Springs man who saw the "blue screen of death" on his computer one too many times decided to take it out back and put it out of its misery. Lucas Hinch, 37, was cited for discharging a firearm within city limits after he put eight bullets into... More »

Farmer's Body Found in Manure Pile, Wife Charged

Search party made grim find after son reported Douglas Mess missing

(Newser) - A murder and a mess at the Mess farm: The wife of Douglas Mess was charged with murder after his body was found in a manure pile at his farm in western New York state Monday night. A police source tells the Buffalo News that Charlene Mess is believed to... More »

'Rogue' Workers Busted in $100K Bourbon Ring

9 charged with years of theft from 2 distilleries

(Newser) - There are those, perhaps scarred by youthful overindulgence, who might wonder why anyone would steal even a shot of Wild Turkey, and then there are the nine people indicted today in Kentucky with taking thousands of dollars worth of bourbon from two distilleries. The case is attracting a lot of... More »

Handcuffed Guy Manages to Steal Police Car

He was arrested again later in the day, still cuffed

(Newser) - A handcuffed man who stole a police car in Alabama has been arrested again. WIAT-TV reports Birmingham officers got a call of a burglary in progress; officers arrested the suspect yesterday and put him in handcuffs with his hands behind his back and placed him in the back of a... More »

Rock, Paper, Scot-Free: 5 Craziest Crimes of Week

Including the perils of being a Good Samaritan

(Newser) - An odd game of rock, paper, scissors and a pesky armadillo factor into the weirdest crime stories of the week:
  • Teen Avoids Ticket by Throwing Rock : If you've never beat an underage-drinking ticket by taking on law enforcement in a rock, paper, scissors match, you obviously haven't encountered
... More »

Burglary Suspect Foiled—by His Croc Tracks

His shoes' tread pattern matched prints from crime scene: cops

(Newser) - An Alaska man faces theft, burglary, and criminal mischief charges after his comfy footwear managed to bite him in the butt. Fairbanks police say Roland Huntington Grace, 21, stole $400 from a crepe restaurant, took $30 from a church, returned to nab $5 more from the crepery, and stole $1,... More »

Good Samaritan Stops to Help at Crash, Has Car Stolen

Cops say the car that crashed was stolen, too

(Newser) - A Good Samaritan's new car is a crumpled mess thanks to her good deed. The weird chain of events in Marin County, California: Police say two men stole a Honda about 10:30pm Monday night, reports NBC Bay Area . They soon crashed, and a driver of a Toyota came... More »

Underage Teen Avoids Ticket via Rock, Paper, Scissors

Officer threw scissors, is now in hot water

(Newser) - Call it justice, Texas-style. An alleged underage drinker at a College Station music festival got herself out of trouble by beating an officer in a game of rock, paper, scissors. The encounter was captured in a Vine that opens with "you're free to go," suggesting that what... More »

Gunshot Hits Armadillo, but Also Shooter's Mother-in-Law

She was inside house, relaxing on recliner

(Newser) - A Georgia man might be in the dog house after a bullet he fired, meant for an armadillo, managed to find his mother-in-law. Larry McElroy, 54, decided to do away with a pesky armadillo while standing outside about 100 yards from his mother-in-law's mobile home in Lee County on... More »

Dude Desperate to Make Court Swiped Pal's Car: Cops

After saying repeatedly he didn't have a ride

(Newser) - A New Jersey man has been accused of stealing a friend's car to avoid missing a court hearing on drug charges. Twenty-one-year-old Jorge Ramirez-Sierra of Riverdale has been charged with unlawful taking of a means of conveyance and driving while suspended, among other counts. Police tell the... More »

Quite the Mugshot: 5 Craziest Crimes of Week

Including a very pricey Chapstick application

(Newser) - A tube of Chapstick, a bowl of goldfish, and a bag of dog poop factor into the weirdest crime stories of the week:
  • Woman Channels Inner 5-Year-Old for Mugshot : Linda MacDonald of Massachusetts was sent to adult timeout (the Vermont State Police's Brattleboro barracks) after she crashed her car
... More »

Stolen Cabin Turns Up 10 Miles Away

Police: Suspect was 'planning on living in it'

(Newser) - A stolen cabin has been discovered 10 miles from where it was plucked from its foundation in northeastern Washington. A tip led authorities yesterday to a "very remote, narrow road down in a ravine" on private property, where the 200-square-foot "Hempel Hideaway" was found, owner Chris Hempel tells... More »

NY Woman Allegedly Had at Least 8 Husbands at Once

Liana Barrientos is said to have married 6 guys in 6 months

(Newser) - A New York woman has, according to police, gotten married a few too many times, and she's now facing felony fraud charges. Authorities say Liana Barrientos, reported as being 38 or 39, has gotten married 10 times in 11 years, the New York Daily News reports, with six of... More »

Family Discovers Theft at Cabin—the Entire Cabin

Hempels of Washington state get a rude surprise

(Newser) - The Hempel family has a name for their vacation property in rural northeastern Washington: "Hempel Hideaway." But thanks to thieves, that name has now taken on a new, unfortunate meaning. When Chris Hempel arrived at the 20-acre property in Springdale on Tuesday, she found something odd. "We... More »

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