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Why David Carr Will Be Missed

Tributes pour in from fellow journalists

(Newser) - A sample of some of the tributes for David Carr, the New York Times media writer who died yesterday at age 58:
  • AO Scott, New York Times : "He managed to see the complexities of digital-age journalism from every angle, and to write about it with unparalleled clarity and wit.
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Holder-Issa Showdown: White House Is Loving It

Team Obama likes having people they can ridicule lead charges against them

(Newser) - Things got heated on Capitol Hill yesterday as congressman Darrell Issa grilled Eric Holder over the recent White House troubles. At one point, Issa cut off one of the attorney general's answers to laugh about it, and Holder wasn't having it. “No, no, that’s what you... More »

Immigration Switch a Leap of Faith for GOP

David Weigel on the 'demographic dare' that could save or ruin Republicans

(Newser) - In his book 10 years ago, Sean Hannity raged against illegal immigration. But just days after Barack Obama's reelection, Hannity, ever a "weather vane of popular Republican Party opinion," said he'd "evolved" on the issue, David Weigel of Slate observes, adding that "evolved is... More »

We Need More Debates— and Loud Ones

Let the crowds make noise: David Weigel

(Newser) - The Republicans debate again tonight , and there's plenty of carping about how there's too many of these things. Not from David Weigel at Slate . He wants more, more, more. If they weren't debating, the candidates would be in choreographed campaign mode, which reveals little. "The ideal... More »

Our Pundit Screw-Ups of the Year

Dana Milbank and Dave Weigel take themselves to task

(Newser) - Political pundits are in the business of making predictions—usually secure in the knowledge that no one will remember when they mess up. “We’re not always wrong,” writes Dave Weigel of Slate . “But we’re wrong enough.” He and Dana Milbank of the Washington Post... More »

What O'Donnell's Win Means

Pundits make sense of the morning after

(Newser) - Christine O'Donnell's primary victory has rocked the political world. Here's what the pundits are saying:
  • Delaware native Dave Weigel “cannot remember a time when Mike Castle wasn't being elected to something.” Without his cross-party appeal, the GOP is doomed in Delaware, he writes in Slate . “No one
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Andrew Sullivan, Let Go of the Trig Conspiracy

Sullivan's own guest-blogger criticizes him

(Newser) - One of the guest bloggers filling in for the vacationing Andrew Sullivan this week is Dave Weigel, who's using the space to criticize Sullivan himself. Weigel—the Washington Post blogger recently fired over the JournoList email flap—takes issue with Sullivan's relentless speculation that Trig Palin is the son of... More »

Now I Know How Palin Feels: Ex-Post Blogger

David Weigel, ousted for bashing Matt Drudge, speaks out

(Newser) - When he got the call asking him to comment on yet more emails he had written—this time bashing Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich—David Weigel knew he was screwed. The Washington Post blogger had already apologized for leaked emails in which he said Matt Drudge ought to light himself... More »

Righty Breitbart Offers $100K for Journalist Emails

He wants someone to turn over archives of progressive listserv

(Newser) - Andrew Breitbart says he'll pay $100,000 to anyone who turns over the archives of Journolist, a now-defunct listserv for left-leaning reporters. Making the emails public will expose the "Democrat-Media complex," he writes on his conservative Big Journalism site. The listserv, with 400 members, hit the headlines last... More »

Founder Kills Journalist Email Group That Burned Blogger

Ezra Klein deleting Journolist after someone leaked comments

(Newser) - Writing in the Washington Post , Journolist founder Ezra Klein reports his intention to shut down the e-mail list for good in the wake of the David Weigel scandal . Intended as a private email discussion forum for like-minded journalists, the list serv restricted membership to journalists of "nonpartisan to liberal,... More »

Post Blogger Resigns After Matt Drudge Flap

David Weigel steps down after leak of off-the-record remarks

(Newser) - Washington Post blogger David Weigel resigned today after some too-candid off-the-record comments he made about conservatives showed up on the FishbowlDC blog, reports Politico . He had issued an apology to readers earlier. It all began when Weigel, frustrated with the hate mail he was getting after an unflattering link posted... More »

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