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Guy Named Vince Creates 'Reply All' Chaos at Reuters

He sent an email to 33K employees, and the reply-all chain still won't stop

(Newser) - Ever done something you wished you could take back? Like accidentally sent an email to 33,000 Thomson Reuters employees? That's what some guy named Vince apparently did yesterday, flooding inboxes and setting off a "reply all" chain that some say slowed down Reuters email and provided the... More »

Reuters Suspends Editor Accused of Aiding Hackers

Matthew Keys, 26, faces up to 25 years in prison

(Newser) - A social media editor for Reuters is in hot water, accused of exacting revenge on a former employer by helping Anonymous hack it. Federal prosecutors say Matthew Keys, 26, passed along log-in credentials to servers owned by the Tribune Co., reports the Guardian . His Anonymous pal allegedly used them to... More »

More Americans Think They Can Cover Health Costs: Poll

But uninsured far less likely to think they can pay medical bills

(Newser) - One reason more Americans may not be backing President Obama's health care overhaul: increasing numbers of citizens say they don't need help. A Reuters poll shows that the percentage of Americans who think they can pay for medical treatments rose 12 points since March, with the wealthy feeling more confident... More »

What Made the Bancrofts Buckle?

Key Dow Jones director switched sides, eyeing Reuters-Thomson merger

(Newser) - In a surprising about-face Dow Jones director and Bancroft family trustee Michael Elefante shifted from the cons to the pros, advocating putting the company in play at a recent family meeting. His change of position was behind the family's decision that it would meet with Rupert Murdoch and consider other... More »

Reuters, Thomson Seal the Deal

(Newser) - Reuters and Thomson have settled on the terms of the $17.24 billion merger announced last week, sounding the starting bell for a longer-than-usual regulatory review, the Journal reports. Reuters head Tom Glocer will become CEO of the new Thomson-Reuters, which combines the second- and third-largest providers of financial data... More »

5 Stories