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Nate Silver Bares His Own JournoList Posts

In what may be the first of many confessionals

(Newser) - With the Daily Caller basically making a business out of leaking comments from emails from the JournoList—a supposedly private email list for left-leaning journalists. So list member Nate Silver of decided to go through his own log of 150 or so posts, looking for inflammatory, damning and... More »

Righty Breitbart Offers $100K for Journalist Emails

He wants someone to turn over archives of progressive listserv

(Newser) - Andrew Breitbart says he'll pay $100,000 to anyone who turns over the archives of Journolist, a now-defunct listserv for left-leaning reporters. Making the emails public will expose the "Democrat-Media complex," he writes on his conservative Big Journalism site. The listserv, with 400 members, hit the headlines last... More »

2 Stories