Joseph Casias

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Medical Marijuana May Cost You Your Job

Companies say buzzed employees are a 'safety issue'

(Newser) - Talk about a buzzkill: Americans using doctor-prescribed marijuana are losing their jobs when they, somewhat predictably, fail drug tests. Though medical marijuana is now legal in 14 states, it remains unclear if employers are legally bound to keep pot-toking employees, notes the New York Times . '“It’s a safety... More »

Wal-Mart Sued Over Medical Pot Firing

Worker sacked for using prescribed pot for cancer

(Newser) - The ACLU is suing Wal-Mart on behalf of a Michigan man fired for using medical marijuana to ease the symptoms of sinus cancer and an inoperable brain tumor. Joseph Casias, a 30-year-old father of two, was fired after failing a drug test. Casias—a legally registered user of medicinal marijuana... More »

2 Stories