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ObamaCare Signups Surge Past 7M Target

More than 7M poised to sign up as of yesterday

(Newser) - Experts didn't think the White House could reach a goal of 7 million ObamaCare signups as of yesterday—but it looks like their forecasts were wrong. Officials say the administration was on track to receive more than 7 million signups, in line with the original Congressional Budget Office target... More »

ObamaCare Site Suffers Day's 2nd Round of Glitches

Procrastinators flooding website on deadline day

(Newser) - As the clock ticked toward ObamaCare's midnight deadline, a second round of glitches hit today, this time blocking new users from applying. The site is now back up and running, Politico reports, but its "virtual waiting room was triggered," and the Obama administration reported that... More »

ObamaCare Hits 6M Milestone

White House has met its revised goal for end of enrollment

(Newser) - With the March 31 deadline for open enrollment approaching—or sort of approaching —the Obama administration said today that it has already hit its revised goal of getting 6 million people to sign up, reports the Washington Post . The original goal set by the Congressional Budget Office had been... More »

Screw ObamaCare, I Want My Dog's Insurance

Eric Wee says his dog gets far better health care than he does

(Newser) - When doctors found a bulge on Nelson's abdomen, they gave him an ultrasound and a CT scan, gave him a blood transfusion, and surgically removed the tumor, and insurance covered 90% of it, less a $500 deductible. And, as you've guessed by reading the headline, Nelson is a... More »

Millions Can Dodge ObamaCare Mandate: WSJ

Exemption was hidden in last week's announcement, newspaper says

(Newser) - Few noticed last week , but the White House just gave millions of Americans a two-year reprieve from having to buy health care—at least according to the Wall Street Journal . Buried in a seven-page bulletin , the Obama administration granted an exemption for anyone whose insurance was canceled and who says... More »

ObamaCare Sign-Ups Hit 4.2M

But reaching March goal of 6M looks unlikely

(Newser) - The Obama administration said today it's making steady progress on health care sign-ups, but the White House needs something close to a miracle to meet its goal of enrolling 6 million people by the end of this month. It could happen with a sustained surge in consumer demand, but... More »

Under ObamaCare, My Mom Can't Get Her Cancer Drug

We can, and must, do better: Stephen Blackwood

(Newser) - Stephen Blackwood offers a wrenching indictment of ObamaCare in the Wall Street Journal : His mother, diagnosed with carcinoid cancer in 2005, "wouldn't still be here" without a shot she gets twice a month of Sandostatin, a drug that slows the disease. But in November, her health plan was... More »

Is the ObamaCare Labor Bombshell Good News?

Pundits divided on implications of CBO report

(Newser) - On the face of it, the Congressional Budget Office report saying ObamaCare could shrink the full-time workforce may sound bad—but some pundits weighing in suggest it could actually be beneficial. Here's a sampling of what they're saying:
  • To the editors of the New York Times , it's
... More »

Quitting ObamaCare Takes Woman 6 Weeks

As Medicaid expansion makes headway

(Newser) - Signing up for ObamaCare wasn't easy for Missouri resident Lesli Hill, but getting off the program was a nightmare. When she found an individual insurance plan with better benefits, she tried unenrolling from ObamaCare and spent 6 weeks talking to operators, using online chat, and sending emails, Hill tells... More »

It's a Little Tricky Adding Baby to ObamaCare Plan

Computers don't allow that option yet

(Newser) - When parents covered by ObamaCare have a baby, they can tell their families, friends, and co-workers—but not the federal government. It seems the website doesn't provide that option at the moment, reports AP . Nor can participants report other life-changing circumstances, such as marriage, divorce, a change... More »

In 5 Days, ObamaCare Politics Will Change Forever

A Ron Johnson quote has Ezra Klein and Evan Soltas excited

(Newser) - Things will almost certainly go wrong on Jan. 1, when the health care people have been buying from ObamaCare exchanges actually kicks in. People who thought they were covered will find out they're not, or that their plan isn't what they thought it was. But it will also... More »

Surprise! ObamaCare Deadline Extended One Day

You now have until tomorrow to buy

(Newser) - Because people love nothing more than shopping on Christmas Eve, the Obama administration today extended by 24 hours the deadline to sign up for a health care plan that would kick in on the first of the year, CNN Money reports. The move is such a last-minute surprise that when... More »

15K Health Site Users' Data Didn't Reach Insurers

Plus: Thousands hit with wrong enrollments, denials

(Newser) - The White House is releasing new data on the effectiveness of, and many of the figures aren't pretty. The Washington Post reports that the registrations of nearly 15,000 people who signed up for plans failed to arrive in insurers' inboxes, at least at first. Things have... More »

Sick Find Key Drugs Missing From ObamaCare Plans

AIDS, cancer meds could cost patients thousands each month

(Newser) - Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, heath insurers now can't turn away sick people. That's the good news. The bad news: They don't actually have to cover the drugs those patients need. Key drugs are missing from some plans, the Washington Post reports, in what patient advocates... More »

ObamaCare Site's Re-Launch Stumbles Out of the Gate

1/3 of all enrollments reportedly screwed up

(Newser) - The new and supposedly improved isn't off to a great start. The site flooded with traffic yesterday morning, slowing it to a crawl and spiking its error rate, the LA Times reports. By 10am the government had turned on a "queuing" feature, essentially putting would-be applicants... More »

Many Still Can't Enroll on Health Site: Insurers

Insurers still in dark about some who've enrolled

(Newser) - Many of's well chronicled problems have reportedly been fixed , but that doesn't mean it's ready for prime time, insurers say. The site's ability to send consumer data to insurance companies remains flawed, and "until the enrollment process is working from end to end,... More »

ObamaCare in California: Great ... With Big Caveat

Half of people with canceled polices will be paying more: ProPublica

(Newser) - In all the headlines about the troubles of ObamaCare, California has been a big exception. For one thing, its state exchange enrolled more people in the first month than the combined total of the 36 states that used the glitchy federal website. But ProPublica reveals a stat that might temper... More »

Supreme Court Takes Case on ObamaCare, Birth Control

Companies object on religious grounds to covering contraceptives

(Newser) - ObamaCare is headed to the Supreme Court, but it's a case about the specifics of coverage rather than a broader fight on the program itself. More than 40 companies have sued because they object on religious grounds to providing their employees with birth control, as the new law stipulates... More »

ObamaCare's Troubles Greatly Exaggerated

The number of actual 'victims' is miniscule: Michael Hiltzik

(Newser) - Most of the opinion pieces about ObamaCare these days fall into the what-a-disaster category. But business writer Michael Hiltzik at the Los Angeles Times says a careful look at the actual numbers involved reveal the criticism to be uninformed "hype." In reality, "the number of victims is... More »

To Cut Costs, ObamaCare Plans Drop Top Docs, Hospitals

It looks like you might not be able to keep your doctor, either

(Newser) - If you have a health care provider you really like, look very carefully at any plan you buy on To keep costs down—a top Obama administration priority—insurers on the government's health care exchange are offering smaller networks that cut out the country's most prestigious... More »

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