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America Is Getting Another National Animal

Bald eagles, make way for the bison

(Newser) - The bald eagle's 234-year reign as the sole symbolic animal of the US is about to come to an end. The National Bison Legacy Act passed by Congress—and expected to pass the Senate next week, per CNN —denotes the bison as America's national mammal and a... More »

Harry Potter Owl Demand Threatens Birds

Not so magical for smuggled creatures

(Newser) - Harry Potter has made owls so popular that bird smuggling is on the rise, threatening the survival of the unusual creatures in India. "Following Harry Potter, there seems to be a strange fascination even among the urban middle classes for presenting their children with owls," said India's Environmental... More »

Brit Gorilla Expert Murdered

Ymke Warren's throat slit with machete

(Newser) - A British gorilla expert died after her throat was slit while she was bound and gagged in her Cameroon home. Ymke Warren, 40, was apparently attacked by a man armed with a machete hiding in her attic. It's not certain if the killing occurred during a robbery or if she... More »

3 Stories