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Origami Robot Can Fold Itself, Slink Off

Harvard, MIT engineers invent device made out of paper, Shrinky Dinks

(Newser) - Inexpensive robots that assemble themselves are hard to find these days. But using the ancient art of Japanese origami and a classic children's product, engineers at Harvard and MIT have created such a 'bot. A team led by a Harvard grad student built the self-folding robot shown in... More »

Pentagon Unleashes 'Transformer'

'Origami bot' first step in shape-shifting warfare

(Newser) - Pentagon designers working mightily to create their own brand of "Transformers"—vehicle-warriors that can morph from robot to boat or plane—have unveiled an origami-like model of a small, thin sheet of metal that can change itself itno a rudimentary boat shape to something resembling a paper airplane.... More »

2 Stories