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Men Crucify Themselves in Philippines

It's a Good Friday tradition

(Newser) - It's Good Friday, which means it's time for the Philippines' annual bloody ritual : Devotees in northern villages had themselves nailed to wooded crosses to re-enact the crucifixion of Jesus Christ as thousands of local and foreign spectators watched. Church leaders and health officials in Asia's largest Roman... More »

Japanese WWII Soldier Who Hid in Jungle 29 Years Dies

For Hiroo Onoda, war ended in 1974

(Newser) - Former Japanese Imperial Army soldier Hiroo Onoda has died at the age of 91—roughly 40 years after he stopped fighting World War II. Onoda, the last Japanese soldier to surrender, hid out in the jungles of the Philippines for almost 30 years after 1945, only coming out of hiding... More »

Philippines: Priests, Journos Can Carry Guns

Law relaxed for professions 'in imminent danger'

(Newser) - Pistol-packing priests may become a common sight in the Philippines with relaxed new gun laws that allow members of certain professions to arm themselves while at work. Journalists, doctors, nurses, engineers, and accountants will also be allowed to go armed under the law, which states that they are "in... More »

US, Philippines Ink Deal on 'Cemetery America Forgot'

Clark Veterans covered in ash since '91 volcano eruption

(Newser) - US and Philippine officials signed an agreement today for Washington to restore a cemetery north of Manila where the graves of thousands of US veterans and dependents have been covered in ash since Mount Pinatubo's 1991 eruption. The accord calls for the American Battle Monuments Commission to repair and... More »

Series of Blunders Worsened Haiyan's Hit

Officials, residents didn't know how bad typhoon would be

(Newser) - As the Philippines prepared for Typhoon Haiyan, the president told officials his goal: a "zero-casualty" event. Instead, despite the days of warning officials had, the death toll currently stands at 5,235, most in and around Tacloban. What happened? The Wall Street Journal takes an extensive look at the... More »

UN: We'll Likely Never Know Exact Typhoon Death Toll

It's currently near 4K, but real figure is impossible to arrive at

(Newser) - The most recent Typhoon Haiyan death toll is 3,976, but the UN warns we may never truly know how many died in the devastating Philippines storm. Even after a final figure is released, "it is unlikely we'll ever know the exact total," a rep from the... More »

Philippines' Latest Casualty: 3-Day-Old Girl

With no ventilators, Althea's parents used hand pump continuously to help her breathe

(Newser) - Only days after devastated Tacloban celebrated the birth of a "miracle baby ," Typhoon Haiyan has claimed its youngest victim: As the AP reports, tiny Althea Mustacia was born Nov. 13—five days after the typhoon tore through the Philippines—unable to breathe on her own because of a... More »

Typhoon Victims Forced to Survive on Coconut Juice

Death toll in the Philippines hits 3.6K

(Newser) - The Typhoon Haiyan death toll in the Philippines is up to 3,633, with 12,487 injured and at least 1,179 still missing. The AP describes the "hellish daily routine" undertaken by survivors, who dig through the debris and filth in the hope of finding the bodies of... More »

US Carrier Arrives in Philippines Amid Logistics Nightmare

Volunteer surgeons working by flashlight in disaster zone

(Newser) - Help is finally beginning to reach hundreds of thousands of people struggling to survive in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan. The USS George Washington and two US cruisers have arrived in the Philippines and will distribute food, water, and medicine, as well as assist search and rescue operations in what... More »

China Holds a Grudge, Skimps on Aid to Philippines

Meager $100K is apparent retribution for maritime dispute

(Newser) - It looks at first glance like the number is missing a few zeroes or a decimal point, but no, mighty China has indeed reached deep into its coffers and pledged all of $100,000 in aid to the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan. Contrast that with $20 million from the US,... More »

Rice Stampede Kills Typhoon Survivors

Estimate of 10K dead 'too much,' Aquino says

(Newser) - Relief operations have been stepped up in the Philippines but the situation remains desperate for large numbers of people in areas ravaged by Typhoon Haiyan. In the worst-hit region, eight people were killed in a stampede as thousands of survivors stormed a government rice warehouse, the AP reports. Security forces... More »

New Storm Hits Reeling Philippines

Tropical depression Zoraida carries heavy rains; country pushes for climate action

(Newser) - A new storm has struck the Philippines with heavy rain. Fortunately, Tropical Depression Zoraida landed almost 300 miles from the worst of Typhoon Haiyan's devastation, the Wall Street Journal notes, and the latest storm—the 25th to hit the country this year—has been downgraded to a low-pressure area,... More »

Typhoon Survivors Desperate to Flee Destroyed City

US sends aircraft carrier to Philippines

(Newser) - In Tacloban, the Philippine city at the center of Typhoon Haiyan's devastation, scenes of desperation and misery are everywhere, the AP reports. When two Philippine Air Force planes landed at the city's airport earlier today, they were swarmed by a crowd of thousands of people—some holding babies... More »

Amid Philippines Horror, 'Miracle' Baby Born

In typhoon's wake, international relief focuses on destroyed city of Tacloban

(Newser) - In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, President Benigno Aquino has today declared a "state of national calamity," which will speed up the release of emergency funds and set price controls on grocery staples. Outside help is beginning to reach parts of the central Philippines, as more horrific stories... More »

Typhoon May Be Deadliest Disaster Ever in Philippines

Haiyan being called one of 'most powerful' typhoons ever as well

(Newser) - Haiyan has arrived in Vietnam a much quieter storm; it's been reduced to a Category 1, the BBC reports, with sustained winds reaching 85mph. But in the Philippines, the devastation continues after what the New York Times calls one of history's "most powerful" typhoons; it is the... More »

Typhoon Death Toll Jumps to 10K —in 1 City

'People are walking like zombies,' says survivor

(Newser) - As many as 10,000 people are thought to have died—in a single city—in the wrath of Typhoon Haiyan, a jolting estimate that surfaced today as the reeling Philippines began to take stock of the storm's devastating aftermath. Leyte province's capital, Tacloban, bore the brunt of... More »

Red Cross: At Least 1.2K Dead in Philippines

Toll from Typhoon Haiyan rising quickly

(Newser) - The devastation from Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines is becoming clearer: The Red Cross now estimates that 1,000 were killed in the coastal city of Tacloban alone, and another 200 in Samar province, reports CNN . The first images from the region show widespread damage. The typhoon, which might end... More »

Astronaut Snaps Photo of Huge Typhoon

Death toll from Haiyan in Philippines was at 100 and rising quickly

(Newser) - Super Typhoon Haiyan is done with the Philippines, but it will take some time to get a handle on the death toll—now at 100 and rising—and the damage. In the meantime, US astronaut Karen L. Nyberg took a photo from the International Space Station that provides the best... More »

Monster Typhoon Kills 4 in Philippines

But toll expected to grow from massive storm Haiyan

(Newser) - Typhoon Haiyan is already the biggest typhoon of the year, and it might end up being the most powerful one in history. So far, four people are confirmed dead in the Philippines, but the number is sure to grow, reports AP . The storm had sustained winds of 147mph at landfall,... More »

'Catastrophic': Massive Typhoon Slams Into Philippines

Haiyan had sustained winds of nearly 200mph

(Newser) - An extremely unwelcome guest has arrived in the Philippines in the form of Typhoon Haiyan. The mammoth storm made landfall Friday morning local time after churning across the Western Pacific with sustained winds of 195mph. The speed at landfall hasn't been officially determined, but it is clearly "one... More »

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