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Pentagon Investigates Psy-Ops Allegations

Two senators say it didn't work on them

(Newser) - The Pentagon has begun investigating claims that one of its generals used psychological trickery to try to convince US lawmakers to support the Afghan war effort. (Read the earlier summary of the Rolling Stone expose here .) "The facts will take them where they lead," said a Pentagon... More »

Army Ordered Psych Team to Manipulate Senators

Sought to gain war support through propaganda techniques: Rolling Stone

(Newser) - In an illegal effort to build support for the war, a top US general in Afghanistan ordered troops trained in "psychological operations" to manipulate visiting lawmakers, reports Michael Hastings for Rolling Stone . Over a four-month period last year, Gen. William Caldwell reportedly pushed the psy-ops team to focus their... More »

Army Drops 'Psy-Ops' Name as Too Sinister

Introducing 'Military Information Support Operations'

(Newser) - In its battle to win hearts and minds, the Army doesn't want to sound too devious. Therefore, it's changed the Vietnam-era name of "psychological operations"—or "psy-ops" as it's been depicted in countless movies—to the bureaucratic-sounding Military Information Support Operations, reports AP . More »

3 Stories