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Oklahoma: Impeach Obama for Transgender Mandate

State's GOP lawmakers say bathroom directive in schools is unconstitutional

(Newser) - President Obama issued a mandate last week that transgender students must be allowed to use whichever bathroom and locker room they wish in any US public school—and now Oklahoma's GOP-heavy legislature wants him impeached for it, the Hill reports. A measure was filed Thursday night directing Oklahoma members... More »

'Worst Crisis': Brazil Senate Poised to Decide Rousseff's Fate

Impeachment proceedings could result in Dilma Rousseff's suspension and trial

(Newser) - Last month, Brazil's Congress voted to start impeachment proceedings against its beleaguered president, Dilma Rousseff. It's now come down to the country's Senate, which will decide Wednesday if she'll be suspended and put on trial in what the New York Times calls a "watershed" vote... More »

Grover Norquist: Soon It's Time to Impeach Obama

Anti-tax advocate reveals plan for Republican majority

(Newser) - Anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist sat down with the National Journal recently to talk tax cuts, Republican majorities, and ... the impeachment of President Obama. Let's start with Norquist's ideal outcome in the 2012 elections: "If the Republicans have the House, Senate, and the presidency ... you extend the Bush... More »

GOP Lawyer Writes Articles of Impeachment for Obama

Reagan hand Bruce Fein thinks Libya Invasion 'mocked the rule of law'

(Newser) - A Reagan-era Justice Department official has drafted an article of impeachment for President Obama, arguing that by intervening in Libya without congressional approval, he crossed a legal line. “Barack Hussein Obama has mocked the rule of law, endangered the very existence of the Republic and the liberties of the... More »

Senate Opens Impeachment Hearings on La. Judge

Chamber's first since Bill Clinton's in 1999

(Newser) - The Senate will open today an impeachment trial against a Louisiana judge facing a slew of corruption charges, Fox News reports. The House already voted unanimously to impeach US District Judge G. Thomas Porteous, accused of lying under oath and taking payoffs. A Senate impeachment panel will hold three all-day... More »

Tea Partier's Trippy Ad Calls for Revolution

'Gather your armies,' Washington declares

(Newser) - Think the Tea Party rhetoric is getting a little overwrought? Then get a load of this video from Alabama House candidate Rick Barber, in which he has a kind of war council with various founding fathers. Barber calls for President Obama’s impeachment, then launches a mostly nonsensical rant about... More »

Sanford Won't Be Impeached

SC House panel votes to censure him instead

(Newser) - It looks like Mark Sanford will be able to finish out his term as South Carolina governor after all. A state House panel voted against impeachment and instead decided to censure him. The lone dissenter on the seven-member panel says he will still try to get the full Judiciary Committee... More »

NY Times: Impeach Gonzales

Editorial board drops the 'I' bomb in call for special prosecutor

(Newser) - A scathing editorial in today's New York Times calls for the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate Alberto Gonzales' "words and deeds" and concludes with an unequivocal recommendation: "If that does not happen, Congress should impeach Mr. Gonzales." The call comes as the White House attempts... More »

Violence Mars Philippine Vote

(Newser) - Violence, feuds and corruption charges have marred midterm elections in the Philippines. Three people were killed on election day yesterday, bringing the death toll  for the three-month campaign to 110, the BBC reports. Opponents of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo are trying to win enough seats in parliament to impeach her... More »

9 Stories