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Mom: Son, 11, Killed Self After Girlfriend Faked Suicide

Authorities investigating what Tysen Benz's mom calls an online prank

(Newser) - Life was good for Tysen Benz, an 11-year-old middle school student in Marquette, Mich., whom his mother, Katrina Goss, describes as being happy, athletic, and very social. Then he began dating a 13-year-old girl Goss calls mean and controlling, and suddenly, the unthinkable: Goss went to tuck her son into... More »

12-Year-Old's Prank Made Him Aussie PM*

*According to the Wikipedia page he edited

(Newser) - Serving as Australia's prime minister is an impressive gig for a 12-year-old—even if it's only Wikipedia-official. Orley Fenelon of Brisbane edited a Wikipedia article on Australian prime ministers on Friday to name himself Australia's 30th and youngest PM. It went unnoticed for two days—long enough... More »

Latest Viral Prank: 'Put 'Em in a Coffin'

ThotBoyz Vine video shared online, costs one guy $4K in damage

(Newser) - The latest prank that all the kids are into is a little more destructive than the toilet paper of yesteryear: Called "Put 'em in a coffin" and based on a Vine video from May that's gone viral, it involves throwing yourself back-first onto the tops of cars... More »

'ILikeRomneyCare' Redirects to ...

... Barack Obama's campaign website page called ILikeObamaCare

(Newser) - Apparently two can play this game: After pranksters got hold of and and redirected both to President Obama's campaign website , someone got the bright idea to hijack—and send it to the same place, reports Huffington Post . "It's the two-year anniversary... More »

Anthony Weiner Hires Attorney in Twitter Flap

Congressman blames hoaxter for lewd photo, explores legal action

(Newser) - Anthony Weiner is lawyering up over his weekend Twitter brouhaha. The Democratic congressman says a hacker busted into his Twitter feed and posted a lewd pic of a man's crotch, trying to make it look like Weiner was sending it to a young woman. The congressman has dismissed it... More »

'Dating Site' Lifts 250K Facebook Profiles

Creators say their work explores online identity

(Newser) - A website calling itself a dating service managed to launch with a whopping 250,000 profiles—by scraping data from public Facebook profiles. took names, images, and locations from thousands of users and used an algorithm to place them in categories like “Easy Going,” “Smug,... More »

Hackers Re-Route Bieber Fans to Porn Sites

Fans sent to porn sites; tour contest hacked

(Newser) - The Justin Bieber backlash continues: First, hackers yesterday sent teenybopper fans looking for their Bieber YouTube fix to porn sites instead, the New York Post reports, while a pop-up claimed the star had died in a car crash. Then the bulletin board 4chan rigged Bieber's My World Tour contest—in... More »

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