Igor Sutyagin

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Swapped Russian 'Spy' Wants to Go Back to Russia

Igor Sutyagin insists he was innocent, calls exile a kind of prison

(Newser) - Believe it or not, Igor Sutyagin didn’t like the prisoner swap deal that freed him from the Russian prison he spent 11 years in. “It’s a very simple deal: you give your honor in exchange for your freedom,” he tells the New York Times . “If... More »

In Spy Swap, US Got the Pros

Russia gives up aging Cold War turncoat

(Newser) - The four spies Russia handed over to the US last night didn’t have much in common with the 10 spies they got back. The so-called “sleeper” agents that the US nabbed were mainly in the business of looking for government and think-tank contacts that Russia’s “professional”... More »

US, Russia Exchange Spies in Vienna

Planes meet in Vienna and swap agents

(Newser) - The spies have been swapped, the New York Times reports. US and Russian planes carrying their respective undercover agents landed briefly at a Vienna airport, did a passenger switch, and flew back to their homelands. In return for handing over the 10, the US got four people who had been... More »

Spy Suspects Plead Guilty Ahead of Swap

All 10 are expected to be deported to Russia tonight

(Newser) - "Richard Murphy" is really Vladimir Guryev. "Donald Howard Heathfield" is really Andrey Bezrukov. Hottie spy Anna Chapman is really ... Anna Chapman. All 10 defendants accused of being deep-cover Russian agents pleaded guilty today under their real names, reports the Wall Street Journal . The deal allows them to avoid... More »

Spies on the Move Amid Talk of Swap

All 10 defendants in custody are now in New York

(Newser) - The plot thickens: Two developments today made rumors of a spy swap with Russia seem like a pretty safe bet. For starters, the five Russian suspects who were being held in Boston and Virginia were abruptly transferred to New York City to join the five others, reports the BBC . Meanwhile,... More »

Deal Could Swiftly End Russian Spy Case

Will get off with little to no jail time, deportation

(Newser) - The Russian spy ring case appears to be hurtling towards some kind of conclusion. The spies will strike a simple plea deal, get off with little or no jail time, and be deported back to Russia, according to New York Times sources. But there could be more intrigue afoot. Over... More »

6 Stories