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WVa Senate Candidate: I Was Beaten in Political Attack

Suspect arrested in assault on Democrat Richard Ojeda

(Newser) - Politics can be rough stuff, but for one West Virginia Senate candidate it got downright violent. Authorities say retired Army officer Richard Ojeda, a Democrat running in Tuesday's primary, was brutally beaten by a man wearing brass knuckles at a political cookout on Sunday, the AP reports. Per the... More »

Libertarian Senate Hopeful in Iowa Killed in Plane Crash

Doug Butzier crashes his small plane near airport

(Newser) - The Libertarian candidate in Iowa's closely watched Senate race next month is dead after he crashed his single-engine plane near an airport in Dubuque last night, reports the Des Moines Register . Doug Butzier, a 59-year-old emergency room physician, was killed as he came in for a second attempt to... More »

Anti-Semitic Neo-Nazi Running for US Senate

Robert Ransdell plans mainstream radio spots for Kentucky race

(Newser) - November's Senate race in Kentucky is between Mitch McConnell and Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes. But write-in candidate Robert Ransdell is now making headlines because he happens to be a neo-Nazi who runs on the slogan, "With Jews We Lose," reports the Courier-Journal . Ransdell isn't content... More »

Senate Hopeful's Photos Feature Corpses, Jokes

Dr. Milton Wolf of Kansas mocks x-rays of gunshot victims

(Newser) - A Kansas candidate for US Senate is acknowledging a "mistake" following reports he posted grisly X-rays on Facebook and joked about them. The now-removed images allegedly posted by radiologist Milton Wolf featured gun victims, one of whom suffered decapitation, the Topeka Capital-Journal reports. "One of my all-time favorites,... More »

Cory Booker: Yep, I'm Running

Newark mayor says he wants Senate seat in New Jersey

(Newser) - Newark Mayor Cory Booker surprised precisely nobody today by formally announcing that he's running for New Jersey's open Senate seat, reports Politico . “I’m here today because I know who we are, and what we are capable of,” he declared. The move was so expected that... More »

Ashley Judd: I'm Not Running for Senate

Actress tweets that she won't take on Mitch McConnell after all

(Newser) - Karl Rove won't have Ashley Judd to kick around anymore. The actress tweeted today that she will not run for Senate in Kentucky this fall. Judd thanked all those who had encouraged her in recent months, but "after serious and thorough contemplation, I realize that my responsibilities &... More »

Cory Booker: I'm Exploring Senate Run

Newark mayor looks to replace fellow Dem Frank Lautenberg in 2014

(Newser) - Cory Booker has made his decision : The popular Newark mayor will explore a run for the Senate, he announced today. "Let there be no doubt: I will complete my full second term as mayor of Newark, New Jersey," Booker says in a YouTube video and website post today.... More »

GOP Mainstream Wants to Ban Abortion for Rape Victims

It's not just Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock: William Saletan

(Newser) - Don't be fooled: It's not just the fringes of the Republican party that oppose abortion rights for rape victims. In fact, at least 12 of the 28 nonincumbent Republican Senate candidates would ban abortion, even in cases of rape, writes William Saletan at Slate . "That’s a... More »

O'Donnell Mulls New Senate Run

Controversial Tea Partier talking about a comeback in 2014

(Newser) - She's baaaack: Delaware Tea Partier Christine O'Donnell is making noises about running for Senate again in 2014, thus ensuring that race would be at least as entertaining as her first unsuccessful run in 2010. "I think I owe that to my supporters, to at least consider a... More »

YouTube Misfire Embarrasses Senate Hopeful

Richard Mourdock posts reactions to health care ruling, before it's happened

(Newser) - The GOP Senate candidate who knocked Dick Lugar out of the running last month got a bit too, er, efficient, with YouTube last week. Indiana hopeful Richard Mourdock's team accidentally posted four different reactions to an event that hasn't occurred yet: the Supreme Court's health law decision.... More »

Birther Queen Running for Senate

Orly Taitz thinks she has a good shot in California

(Newser) - Orly Taitz, aka the "Birther Queen," has already lost one California election ... but she’s not letting that stop her. The dentist, lawyer, and preeminent Obama birth certificate doubter is running for US Senate. The Republican hopes to win her party’s nomination and then unseat California’s... More »

Christine O'Donnell Signs Book Deal

She wants it to be a 'catalyst' for revolution

(Newser) - Christine O'Donnell is again following the lead of her political heroine Sarah Palin. She's signed a deal with St. Martin's Press for a book that she tweets will "set the record straight" on the election, reports the Huffington Post . A separate statement from her has larger ambitions: "The... More »

Alaska Senate Battle Could Take Weeks to Resolve

Lisa Murkowski write-in campaign makes things hairy

(Newser) - Thanks to Lisa Murkowski’s write-in campaign, it could be weeks before the result of Alaska’s election is clear. And depending on how races in the Lower 48 play out, that could mean weeks of nail-biting before we know which party controls the Senate, the New York Times reports.... More »

Sarah Palin Endorses Candidate, Gets State Wrong

Says Pennsylvania needs West Virginia's John Raese

(Newser) - Sarah Palin endorsed a Senate candidate today on Twitter but got his home state wrong. The conservative leader tweeted about Pennsylvania's need "2 send GOP 2 DC 2 avoid PA economic disaster that will occur under Obama/Pelosi Cap & Tax," but then said "workers need Raese,"... More »

Sharron Angle Tops Wingnuts Index

Angle, DeMint, O'Donnell score high on list of 2010's craziest candidates

(Newser) - There's no shortage of seemingly unhinged Senate candidates out there, but who's the craziest of them all? The Daily Beast has compiled a "Wingnuts Index," judging the Senate hopefuls on criteria including belief in conspiracy theories, special interest-driven voting records, and incidents where the candidates have been called... More »

O’Donnell Used to Be ‘Promiscuous'

She also, apparently, drank to excess

(Newser) - Christine O'Donnell is ( or, at least, was ) famously anti-masturbation, and she's never been married—so she must still be a virgin, right? Maybe not, at least according to a Yahoo! News report. It offers up a look at O'Donnell's past, including a $6.9 million gender discrimination... More »

O’Donnell: Who Needs Castle, I've Got Palin

Highlights from this morning's victory lap

(Newser) - Mike Castle will not be endorsing Christine O'Donnell for the Senate, Politico reports. But O'Donnell doesn't care, as she told Fox and Friends on today's morning show victory lap. Watch all three videos in the gallery. Highlights:
  • Fox and Friends: "Just like my Republican opponent was an Obama Republican,
... More »

Anti-Masturbation Candidate Is 'Truly Strange'

Christine O'Donnell has issues with money, truth ... and shrubbery

(Newser) - Christine O’Donnell, the masturbation-hating , Sarah-Palin-endorsed , Tea-Party-funded Delaware Senate candidate, gets picked apart in Gail Collins’ latest New York Times column. She’s had “a series of financial problems” and may have earned only $5,800 last year; she claimed to be a university graduate, “but it turns... More »

Rand Paul Didn't Kidnap Me: Ex-Classmate

It was more like college hazing, she says

(Newser) - The woman whose recounting of a bizarre college experience landed Tea Partier Rand Paul in a heap of controversy is seeking to clarify her story: Paul never kidnapped her or forced her to do drugs. "The whole thing has been blown out of proportion," the woman, who wishes... More »

For Insight Into McMahon, Look to Her Wrestling Past

One high-profile case shows her effectiveness as executive

(Newser) - Politico takes a closer look at would-be Senator Linda McMahon's role in the world of wrestling, specifically at how she defused a high-profile sexual harassment case in the 1990s lodged by a teenage boy against male WWE employees. Views are split on whether she was manipulative or compassionate, but... More »

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