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Delta Boots Passenger for Using Bathroom

Kima Hamilton says he couldn't wait as plane was taxiing

(Newser) - Passengers aboard the Delta Air Lines flight from Atlanta to Milwaukee were told they were third in line for takeoff. Thirty minutes later, they were still waiting—and Kima Hamilton says he could wait no longer. Though passengers were to remain in their seats—and Hamilton had been told a... More »

First-Time Flier Confuses Toilet Door, Emergency Exit

Good thing the flight was still on the ground in Chongqing

(Newser) - You'd think bright red lettering would be enough for a passenger to distinguish a plane's emergency exit from a bathroom door—not to mention the window offering a clear view outside. Yet a first-time air traveler in China says she mistook a cabin door for the entrance to... More »

Pilot Gets Stuck in Bathroom ... and Terror Scare Ensues

A helpful passenger tries to help out ... in an accented voice

(Newser) - Who would have thought a jammed bathroom door could lead to a terror scare? The New York Post has the comical tale of a Chatauqua Airlines pilot who, on an Asheville to New York City flight, jammed the bathroom door and found himself trapped—as the plane was in a... More »

This New FAA Rule Could Kill You

No more emergency oxygen masks in airplane lavatories

(Newser) - The FAA recently ordered the emergency oxygen masks removed from the lavatories of all US commercial planes, a directive it says will protect the public from potential terror attacks—but which could also kill anyone who happens to be in the airplane lavatory during a rapid decompression event. The FAA... More »

Mom Tries to Flush Newborn Down Airplane Toilet

Baby critical, mother busted

(Newser) - An Indian woman gave birth to a baby in a tiny airplane bathroom, the tried to flush the newborn down the toilet, authorities said. The baby was discovered stuck when the plane landed, and the entire toilet was removed and rushed, with the newborn, to a local hospital. The baby... More »

5 Stories