The Kids Are All Right

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Who Should Win an Oscar ...and Who Will

Expect a lot of love for 'The King's Speech'

(Newser) - It's Academy Awards weekend, so in anticipation of Sunday's ceremony, Claudia Puig offers up her choices for who should win—and who actually will win—in USA Today :
  • Best Picture: "Despite its superb performances, brilliant direction, sharp writing, and exquisitely complex, if not always likable, lead character," The
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Kids Are All Right Does Everything Right

It's funny and moving, with genuine insight on family values

(Newser) - It's near impossible to find a critic with anything bad to say about The Kids Are All Right, hailed as a pitch-perfect comedy/drama with real insight into the meaning of family. Some fawning reactions to the film, which follows a lesbian couple, their two teens, and their newly surfaced sperm... More »

2 Stories