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Guess How Much Facebook Makes Off You?

A little less than 5 bucks, according to their latest earnings

(Newser) - Ever wonder how much money you're worth to Facebook? Earlier we reported that the social network supreme had a really lousy quarter , but Tech Crunch dug deeper into the numbers and did this interesting bit of math: Facebook reported having 901 million users and $1.058 billion in revenue.... More »

'Facebook Credits' to Be Mandatory for Games

Developers told to use credits as exclusive payment starting July 1

(Newser) - Kiss your Farmville Coins goodbye. Facebook is telling game developers that in 5 months they’ll be required to use Facebook Credits as their only means of charging users for their games, TechCrunch reports. Developers could theoretically still create in-game currencies like the aforementioned Farm Coins, but users would have... More »

Facebook Ditches 'Gifts'

Sorry, you can't spend $1 to send a 3KB JPEG anymore

(Newser) - Clip art lovers despaired yesterday, as Facebook announced it's closing its Gift Shop to focus on other, more popular services. As of Aug. 1, you won’t be able to send new gifts, though your old ones will still show up on your profile. “Closing the Gift Shop may... More »

3 Stories