Barefoot Bandit captured

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‘Barefoot Bandit’ Strikes Deal, Pleads Guilty

He faces 6 years on federal charges, 12 on state charges

(Newser) - The other shoe has dropped on the Barefoot Bandit. Twenty-year-old Colton Harris-Moore pleaded guilty today to seven federal charges and will receive up to 6 and a half years in prison under the deal, reports the Seattle Post-Intelligencer . He also will not be able to profit from any movies or... More »

'Barefoot Bandit' Was a Hungry, Beaten Kid Thief

He stole to survive a hard-scrabble life

(Newser) - The busted Facebook-glamorous "Barefoot Bandit" started life as a pitiable little boy, beaten and hungry, who turned to thieving as a way to survive, the New York Times reports. Colton Harris-Moore lived a hard-scrabble life in a squalid trailer on a dead-end road less than an hour from Seattle,... More »

Fans Lament Fall of the Barefoot Bandit

Thousands still pulling for Harris-Moore to 'stick it to the man'

(Newser) - US and Bahamas law enforcement may be thrilled that Colton Harris-Moore's two-year crime spree has ended in capture, but more than 85,000 online fans of the Barefoot Bandit are still rooting for him. "Stick it to the man," one fan wrote on a Facebook page devoted to... More »

Barefoot Bandit Put a Gun to His Head

Weapon charge could complicate his case in the Bahamas

(Newser) - As cops shot out the engine on his getaway boat and the noose tightened on his 2-year crime spree, Colton Harris-Moore desperately chucked his laptop and iPhone into the water—and put a gun to his own head, reports the LA Times. "He was saying he was going to... More »

4 Stories