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Women Lawyers Sue to Stop Masturbating Inmates

Even pizza didn't get them to stop

(Newser) - Public masturbation is so rampant in Chicago's Cook County Jail that officials offered inmates pizza to stop, a federal lawsuit claims. Hundreds of female public defenders and law clerks working at the jail and other lockups have had to endure "on an almost daily basis" inmates who "... More »

Chicago Now Has America's Highest Sales Tax

Officials say they're trying to stay ahead of 'pension tsunami'

(Newser) - A penny here and a penny there has added up to decimated wallets for people in Chicago, who now have the highest sales taxes in America. In a move that takes effect Jan. 1, Cook County has raised its sales tax from 0.75% to 1.75%, bringing the total... More »

County With 5.2M People Will Dismiss Minor Pot Cases

Cook County to steer drug offenders away from jail

(Newser) - An Illinois county with more people than most states is going to stop prosecuting minor pot cases as part of a major overhaul of how it deals with low-level drug offenses. Officials in Cook County—which includes Chicago, and is America's second most populous with around 5.2 million... More »

Chicago to Post Photos of Mystery Stiffs Online

Cook County aims to give closure to victims, even if it's not pretty

(Newser) - If your loved one died in a grisly way, finding a grisly photo of them online might not be your favorite way of finding out, but the Cook County medical examiner's office is betting it's better than nothing. The county, which includes Chicago, has begun posting photos of... More »

Coroner: Lottery Winner Murdered With Cyanide

Urooj Khan's death officially ruled a homicide, but no no clues emerge

(Newser) - It's official: Urooj Khan didn't die of natural causes. Cook County Medical Examiner Stephen Cina today ruled the lottery winner's death a homicide, saying he'd died of cyanide toxicity and confirming his initial diagnosis in January, CNN reports. But because there's no cyanide left in... More »

Do We Really Need to Chain Inmates Giving Birth?

Maybe the Cook County settlement will change things: Sadhbh Walshe

(Newser) - Chicago's Cook County Jail last month paid $4.1 million to settle a lawsuit by female inmates who say they were shackled when giving birth. Really, America? writes Sadhbh Walshe in the Guardian . "The practices of making pregnant women wear belly chains and of shackling their hands and... More »

Female Inmates Sue Over Shackles While Giving Birth

Say they endure labor with arms, legs cuffed

(Newser) - Twenty former inmates are suing the Cook County sheriff's office alleging that they had to give birth while restrained with handcuffs and leg shackles, reports the Chicago Tribune . The practice is illegal, though a sheriff's spokesman says women are allowed to be restrained until labor begins, and they rely on... More »

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