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HIV Doesn't Shorten Lifespans the Way It Used To

Researchers credit new antiretroviral drugs

(Newser) - The average American born in 2015 is expected to live to 78.8 years of age . HIV patients aren't far behind. A Lancet study finds a 20-year-old who begins treatment for HIV today can live to an estimated 78 years due in part to advances in antiretroviral therapy, reports... More »

AIDS Drugs Slash Risk of Getting HIV in First Place

Pair of studies show minimum 60% drop in infection rate

(Newser) - The same antiretroviral drugs that treat HIV and AIDS can also be used to cut down the risk of contracting HIV in the first place, two new studies show. The dramatic results are just the latest evidence that AIDS drugs can be effective at prevention as well as treatment. While... More »

Since 2001, New HIV Infections Plummeted 25%

Still, some 2.6M were infected in 2009

(Newser) - Good news in the fight against AIDS: The annual rate of new HIV infections dropped by almost a quarter between 2001 and 2009, AIDS-related deaths have fallen, and the world has seen “unprecedented advances” in prevention and treatment accessibility, the UN AIDS agency says. Still, the unevenly-spread advancements are... More »

States Slash Funding for HIV/AIDS Drugs

Record numbers are on waiting lists for medications

(Newser) - A record 8,300 people in 13 states are on waiting lists for HIV and AIDS medications—and the true number could be much higher, advocates say. As states struggle with budget shortfalls, many are scaling back efforts to provide antiretrovirals and other drugs by eliminating waiting lists, reducing eligibility,... More »

Study Yields Breakthrough in AIDS Treatment

Taking antiretroviral drugs early slashes risk of spreading disease

(Newser) - AIDS patients who get treated early with antiretroviral drugs are as much as 96% less likely to pass on the disease to their sexual partners, according to a major new study. An independent review board found the results so persuasive they recommended the findings be released four years ahead of... More »

Vaginal Gel Slashes AIDS Risk

Approach gives women some control over HIV prevention

(Newser) - A new gel drastically lowers the risk that female users will contract HIV and herpes during vaginal sex, marking a breakthrough in AIDS prevention second in significance only to an effective vaccine. "This is a potential game changer," an expert not involved in the research tells the Wall ... More »

6 Stories