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High-Rise Dwellers More Likely to Die of Heart Attack

In study, not a single person living above the 25th floor survived

(Newser) - As the world's ever-more urban population increasingly lives more than three stories above ground, there may be repercussions for anyone suffering a heart attack at the wrong end of a long elevator ride from the ground floor. Medics and other researchers have analyzed 8,216 cardiac arrests in private... More »

Komen Mammogram Ads Misleading: Professors

Their 'statistics are meaningless,' one explains

(Newser) - The Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation's campaign promoting mammograms last October misled women, exaggerating the procedure's benefits and omitting its risks, a paper published in the British Medical Journal argues. "The ad implies that mammograms have a huge effect, but the only evidence that they... More »

Quitting Smoking Boosts Survival Odds After Cancer Diagnosis

Kicking the habit can double chances of surviving 5 years

(Newser) - Smokers diagnosed with lung cancer could double their chances of surviving for 5 years—if they quit smoking. The "dramatic" finding, based on analysis of 10 previous studies, applies only to early-stage cancer. "If you give up smoking, your body can still partially recover and your risk is... More »

Ginsburg Faces Long Odds in Cancer Fight

Justice remains hospitalized, plans quick return to bench

(Newser) - Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s pancreatic cancer is likely the more common, deadlier variety, with a high incidence of recurrence and a grim survival rate, HealthDay reports. Doctors took some comfort in the likelihood the cancer was found early. “She was able to have surgery, and only people who are... More »

Group Therapy Linked to Cancer Survival

Study finds improved survival rates among breast cancer patients

(Newser) - Group therapy has been linked to improved survival rates among female participants with breast cancer, a new study has found. Findings appear to support the decades-old, controversial claim that psychological therapy can help cancer patients not only feel better emotionally, but survive longer and fight off recurrences of the disease,... More »

Brain Cancer Vaccine Doubles Survival Time

Kennedy could be a candidate for breakthrough therapy

(Newser) - A new vaccine more than doubles the expected survival time of patients with the most common form of brain cancer, Reuters reports. Although the test group was small, patients lived an average of 33 months—"almost unheard of" compared to the average of 14 months, says one doctor. The... More »

Skin Cancer of Scalp, Neck Deadlier

Tumors' location indicates survival chances

(Newser) - Melanoma is the rarest, deadliest form of skin cancer, but new research shows that a tumor's location is an indicator of survival chances. An analysis of 50,000 cases over a decade shows patients with lesions on the scalp and neck died twice as quickly as patients with lesions elsewhere,... More »

Gene Doesn't Alter Cancer Survival Rates

Breast cancer triggered by BRCA1 and BRCA2 no more lethal than other forms

(Newser) - Women who carry one of the two known breast-cancer-causing genes—BRCA1 and BRCA2—are more likely to  be diagnosed with the disease before 50, but they're not more likely to die from it than other breast-cancer patients, a new study concludes. Tracking the 10-year survival rates of women in 22... More »

8 Stories