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Manager: Intervention Reached Out, but Chyna Was Dead

Anthony Anzaldo: A&E show said they could pull the intervention together quickly

(Newser) - The manager of beloved WWE legend Chyna says he was so worried about her prescription drug use that he was working to secure her a spot on the A&E TV show Intervention—but she was already dead when producers "started reaching out" to her. Anthony Anzaldo tells E!... More »

Schizophrenia Treatment Sees a Simple Breakthrough

Early intervention has caught on in Australia and the UK

(Newser) - When Glenn, a smart high school student with a knack for building robots, began experiencing episodes of psychosis, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and given a grim prognosis. He was prescribed medications and saw therapists, "But the common message from virtually everybody who worked with Glenn was that his... More »

Daughters Think Demi Needs More Help

Rumer, Scout, Tallulah fear she's not staying sober

(Newser) - Rehab may not have done the trick for Demi Moore. Her behavior is reportedly still erratic and fears are rising that she's not staying sober—so her daughters are considering staging an intervention. "Demi’s girls are going to get help for their mom no matter what, but... More »

27 Young Men Shot Dead in Syria

Is the US considering arming the rebels?

(Newser) - Some 27 young men were shot dead when Syrian troops raided three villages in the northern province of Idlib, a human rights group said today. The latest bloodshed came as US officials appeared to open the door to arming the rebels if a political solution to clashes can't be... More »

Libya's Lesson: It's OK to Stop Genocide

Stopping atrocities is most important, even if inconsistent

(Newser) - The US intervention into the bloody unrest in Libya has drawn a wide range of criticisms—President Obama has not explained US objectives, there's no exit strategy, it's inconsistent to get involved in Libya and not elsewhere—and "those critics are all right," writes Nicholas Kristof in the... More »

How A&E's Intervention, Shockingly, Works

Somehow, reality show manages 71% recovery rate

(Newser) - Hard as it is to believe, there’s one reality show truly doing the world good: A&E’s Intervention, which has a startlingly high recovery rate of 71%. “How has a 45-minute reality show that airs during summer on basic cable succeeded where so many other treatment regimes... More »

6 Stories