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Bennet Colorado Win a 'Whew' for Obama

But Tea Party upstart trumps establishment GOP

(Newser) - A collective, though small, sigh of relief could be heard in the White House after incumbent Michael Bennet's victory in a bitter primary battle for US senator in Colorado yesterday. But the picture was not so rosy for status quo Republicans as Tea Party insurgent Ken Buck beat out establishment... More »

GOP Candidate: Birthers Are 'Dumbasses'

Ken Buck opens his mouth, another faux pas falls out

(Newser) - Straight from the candidate who gave you a minor controversy over high-heels and bullshit comes another flap over his opinion of those demanding to see President Obama's birth certificate. US Senate candidate Ken Buck of Colorado was taped without his knowledge referring to birthers as "dumbasses." Or, as... More »

Colorado Candidates Feud Over 'High Heels'

Comment by male Senate hopeful takes center stage

(Newser) - Two GOP candidates for Senate in Colorado who don't differ much in their view of government have found something to argue about—high heels. Ken Buck began the flap after a questioner asked why she should vote for him, explains CBS . "Because I do not wear high heels,"... More »

3 Stories