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2010: It's a Race to the Bottom

Alvin Greene, Meg Whitman, Christine O'Donnell, oh my!

(Newser) - The crazies have come pouring out of the woodwork, writes Gail Collins in a survey of the 2010 election landscape. Sure, not much is new about Carl Paladino and Andrew Cuomo frustrating New Yorkers' simple dream "of having a governor whose sex life is a complete mystery," but... More »

GOP Candidates May Be Too Wacky to Deliver a 2010 Upset

Tea Party 'nonsense' could thwart Republican victory

(Newser) - The conventional wisdom says the GOP will ride waves of anti-Obama sentiment and Tea Party energy to dramatic victories in November. But looking at how primaries have shaped up, Eugene Robinson foresees another possible narrative emerging from the midterms: "The big political story of the year may turn out... More »

Bike Sharing Is a Foreign Conspiracy: GOP Candidate

It's a plot that leads to UN takeover, says would-be gov of Colorado

(Newser) - A Republican running for governor of Colorado has discovered a dangerous new threat to the American way of life and the personal freedoms Americans enjoy: bicycles. Dan Maes, a Tea Party favorite, has charged the Denver mayor, who he's running against, of joining a "well-disguised" international plot to have... More »

Tancredo Launches Third-Party Run

Immigration firebrand issues ultimatum to GOP

(Newser) - Tom Tancredo has officially launched a third-party campaign for governor of Colorado. The former congressman has issued an ultimatum to the two Republicans running for the GOP nomination, telling them that if they don’t get out of the race, they’ll face him as a potential spoiler. Tancredo believes... More »

4 Stories