Scott McInnis

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Stop Making Scandals Out of Molehills

Who cares about a little plagiarism, hazing, or porn writing?

(Newser) - Politicians seem to be magnets for silly scandals these days. Take Scott McInnis. He was paid $300,000 to write an essay series about water rights, and plagiarized most of it. For this, Colorado Republicans turned on him, supporting Dan Maes, a guy who claimed that Denver’s bicycle promotion... More »

Tancredo Launches Third-Party Run

Immigration firebrand issues ultimatum to GOP

(Newser) - Tom Tancredo has officially launched a third-party campaign for governor of Colorado. The former congressman has issued an ultimatum to the two Republicans running for the GOP nomination, telling them that if they don’t get out of the race, they’ll face him as a potential spoiler. Tancredo believes... More »

2 Stories