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Rob Ford Bans Press From Press Conference

Toronto mayor says he's 'ashamed and humiliated' by his behavior

(Newser) - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's return today was part mea culpa and part campaign-stump speech at a press conference where some reporters were banned, the National Post and Toronto Star report. "Thanks to my treatment, I can proudly say today that I have begun the process of taking control... More »

Shia LaBeouf Gets Nutty at Nymphomaniac Premiere

Movie star wears an 'I am not famous' bag on his head

(Newser) - Ah, Shia: Known plagiarist and head-butter (oh, and actor ) Shia LaBeouf stormed out of a press conference in Germany today and later walked a red carpet while wearing a paper bag on his head, TMZ reports. Ten minutes into the Berlin press conference for his new fim, Lars von... More »

Reporter to Obama: Is This Your Worst Year?

'That's not how I think about it,' he says at year-end news conference

(Newser) - President Obama held his year-end press conference today, and the tone got set with the very first question, from AP reporter Julie Pace: All things considered, "has this been the worst year of your presidency?" The president laughed and said, "That's not how I think about it.... More »

Obama: No 'Magic Tricks' for Debt Ceiling

President rules out executive debt ceiling fix

(Newser) - Looks like President Obama really doesn't have a trillion-dollar coin up his sleeve—or any other crafty debt ceiling fix. At what he billed as the last press conference of his first term today, Obama was asked if he'd consider executive action—possibly invoking the 14th amendment—to... More »

Obama: Cliff Deal Is 'in Sight'

Urges public to keep pressure on, says Congress will go down to wire

(Newser) - President Obama gave a strange, freewheeling speech/press conference today to update the nation on the state of fiscal cliff talks. "Today, it appears that an agreement to prevent this New Year's tax hike is within sight," Obama said. "But it's not done." He said... More »

Obama: I Don't Know of Any Classified Leaks in Petraeus Mess

President also defends Susan Rice in press conference

(Newser) - President Obama has wrapped up his first press conference since the election, with, surprise, surprise, the David Petraeus scandal and the fiscal cliff at the top of the agenda, reports the AP . But he also made headlines with a strong defense of UN ambassador Susan Rice. The full transcript is... More »

Accuser No. 4: Herman Cain 'Reached for My Genitals'

Sharon Bialek says she's coming forward to put a face on the accusations

(Newser) - A fourth woman came forward to accuse Herman Cain of sexual harassment today, and it was a sordid tale, reports Politico . Speaking alongside attorney Gloria Allred at a press conference today, Sharon Bialek said she met with Cain for help finding a job after being dismissed from the National Restaurant... More »

Weiner: I Sent It, I'm Sorry, and I'm Not Quitting

NY rep admits sending photo, having risque chats at press conference

(Newser) - A teary Anthony Weiner ate his humble pie today, apologizing profusely to his wife and admitting at a press conference (after Andrew Breitbart hijacked it) that "the picture was of me, I sent it." The embattled New York rep said he'd had "several inappropriate conversations" with... More »

Jon Stewart: We're Really Starting to Annoy Obama

President gets riled up at press conference

(Newser) - President Obama’s fed up—not just with Republicans, but with his base, too, noted Jon Stewart on last night’s Daily Show . "If he sticks with his agenda, it's a problem; if he moves off his agenda, it's a problem. Look at the president," said Stewart. "... More »

NASA Press Conference Ignites ET Rumors

Alien idea debunked, but speculation rages

(Newser) - NASA has announced a press conference tomorrow “to discuss an astrobiology finding that will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life,” and alien enthusiasts have been wondering: have scientists found ET? An insider’s tweet debunked that rumor, but the net remains abuzz with curiosity over what... More »

Stewart: Does Obama 'Get It'?

And what is 'it,' anyway?

(Newser) - Jon Stewart has noticed a recurring theme in the coverage of the president’s post-election press conference: The pundits are all eager to know if Barack Obama "gets it," he explained on last night’s Daily Show in a segment titled "The Mourning After." But they’... More »

Obama May Have Boxed Himself Into a Corner

Now all the blame will go to White House instead of BP

(Newser) - President Obama sought to reassure the public today that the White House has been on top of the oil spill from the get-go. Some early reaction to his news conference:
  • Brian Wingfield, Forbes : "The public outcry over the disaster has left the administration little choice but to take ownership
... More »

Shut It, Athletes; Just Tweet

Then Frank Deford won't have to listen to crazy guarantees and apologies

(Newser) - Frank Deford doesn’t want to hear your outrageous predictions or tearful faux-apologies, athletes, and he doesn’t want to read about them in the papers, either, reporters. “Come on, guys, just because some jock babbles incoherently, you don't have to pass it on,” he admonishes his fellow... More »

Helen Thomas Only One to Ask Real Question

What motivates terrorists? Brennan dodges and patronizes

(Newser) - It's a simple question, really: What motivates terrorists to keep coming after the US? It deserves an honest answer, writes Glenn Greenwald. But when Helen Thomas pressed security chief John Brennan on it yesterday, he resorted to the "cartoon idiocy" that al-Qaeda members are simply evil murderers. She kept... More »

Rachel Uchitel Bails on Press Conference

Talk with Tiger may have averted alleged galpal's appearance

(Newser) - Today's eagerly expected press conference called by reputed Tiger Woods paramour Rachel Uchitel was abruptly canceled without explanation. Lawyer Gloria Allred called off the scheduled appearance, the Los Angeles Times reports. That’s the first press conference cancellation ever for the celebrity lawyer, notes TMZ , which says it has evidence... More »

Reid Ducks the Media as 2010 Fight Looms

Majority leader hopes to cut down on gaffes with fewer press talks

(Newser) - Reporters are used to getting a press conference from Harry Reid every Thursday, but since the August recess he’s been canceling them, opting instead to get the message out in more controlled environments like Senate floor speeches. A spokesman says Reid’s not intentionally hiding out, but analysts tell... More »

Vick Vows He 'Won't Disappoint'

QB: 'I'm glad to have a second chance'

(Newser) - Michael Vick says he “won’t disappoint” as a player for of the Eagles, the Philadelphia Daily News reports. “I’m glad to have an opportunity at a second chance,” said the convicted felon and newly signed quarterback. He said at a press conference today he had... More »

Networks Complain About Obama Hour

Broadcasters say 'overexposed' prez wastes valuable time

(Newser) - Networks are not happy about the primetime hour that President Obama's July 22 news conference took up, reports Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post. Rahm Emanuel called the top brass at all three networks to ensure they carried the event. The networks both resent the pressure and complain that they’... More »

Obama TV Has Become a Snore

(Newser) - Say what you want about President Nixon, but at least his press conferences were entertaining. “It was the Colosseum, and everybody’s thumb was down,” recalls staffer Pat Buchanan. “It was something worth watching.” The same can’t be said of President Obama’s all-too-frequent appearances.... More »

Obama Presser Didn't Seal the Deal

(Newser) - Barack Obama took over the network airways for an hour last night, but pundits doubt the dull press conference will move the needle on health care. Here’s what they’re saying:
  • Obama blew his chance to turn the conversation around, writes Mike Madden of Salon. “If you'd listened
... More »

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