Arizona protests

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Westboro Church Won't Protest 9-Year-Old's Funeral, But...

...It will protest Judge John Roll's

(Newser) - Don’t look now, but the Westboro Baptist Church is displaying one tiny, itty-bitty modicum of decency! The church has announced that, in a saintly show of restraint, it will abandon plans to picket the funeral of 9-year-old Christina Taylor Green, who was killed in Saturday’s Tucson massacre. Of... More »

Protests Flare in Arizona Over New Law

Dozens busted as protesters surround Phoenix jail

(Newser) - The ruling blocking key parts of Arizona's immigration law hasn't cooled tempers in the state. Dozens of people were arrested in Phoenix yesterday as protesters gathered to demonstrate against the law. Protesters surrounded a downtown jail and the office of controversial sheriff Joe Arpaio, who vowed that the protests won't... More »

2 Stories