Dinner for Schmucks reviews

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2010: Worst Year Yet for Movies

Really? 'Hot Tub Time Machine' is the best we can do?

(Newser) - “2010 very possibly is the worst year in the history of motion pictures,” declares Joe Queenan in a hilarious Wall Street Journal piece bemoaning the downfall of American cinema. You know things are bad in Hollywood when:
  • “Shia LaBeouf—who looks a bit like the young George
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Dinner for Schmucks Not Quite a Gut-Buster

Steve Carell's schmuck praised in remake of French farce

(Newser) - Dinner for Schmucks has a great premise and two top comic stars in Steve Carell and Paul Rudd, say critics, though opinions split widely on whether it's actually funny.
  • The remake of a French farce in which heartless execs compete to bring the biggest loser to dinner "is lumbering,
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2 Stories